Eurobike Offers New B2B Participation

New customized exhibitor packages for Eurobike 2023 – Exclusively technically-oriented Supplier Area and three-day exhibition duration

Frankfurt – After the successful premiere of the newly formed Eurobike in Frankfurt last July, the organizers from fairnamic are paving the way for the further development of the leading trade fair next year from June 21 to 25, 2023. Aligned with the specific requirements of the exhibiting companies, it is the first time that Eurobike will offer the option to book a booth for the first three days of the trade fair (June 21-23), in addition to the previously provided indoor and outdoor area arrangements. Companies with packed, purely technical targets for their future Eurobike commitment can now register for the new Supplier Area in Hall 9.

The new Eurobike in Frankfurt was a huge success for the international bike and mobility industry – and for the trade fair organization itself. Following an intensive analysis of the exhibitors' feedback, the 2023 edition will be modified accordingly. "We have an excellent starting point for the 31st Eurobike. All participants were able to gain valuable experience in 2022, and together we can make just the right adjustments to continuously expand this leading trade fair," explains Stefan Reisinger, managing director at fairnamic. "Especially the international supplier industry voiced their request for the next trade fair to have a specific, customized format suiting their requirements. We are meeting this requirement by providing the new booking option for the Supplier Area, an integral part of Eurobike. This creates further synergies and helps save additional resources."

Companies exhibiting in the Supplier Area opt for a shorter stay at the trade fair lasting three days instead of five. From Wednesday, June 21, to Friday, June 23, 2023, these companies will focus on the B2B dialog with international industry and product management contacts. They will settle in Hall 9 with its four floors and direct accessibility via the Galleria entrance. "The size and logistics of the Frankfurt trade fair grounds enable us to operate in parallel: While the Festival Days will take place in the indoor and outdoor areas of the West premises on Saturday and Sunday, we are decoupling the top level in Hall 9, allowing the exhibitors in the new area to pack their things "behind the scenes" with the Festival Days happening at the same time. Participation in the Supplier Area is open to all companies and product categories," says Stefan Reisinger.

The previous options for participating in Eurobike – indoor (hall) space (5 days), outdoor area/Demo Area (5 days) or Eurobike Festival Days (2 days in the outdoor area) – will remain unchanged in 2023 and will be supplemented by the new Supplier Area. You can now register for these options at: Applications for the other established Eurobike contact points, such as the Start-Up Area, Cargo Area or Service Area, will take place as of mid-October.

The 31st Eurobike will open from Wednesday, June 21, to Sunday, June 25, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Festival Days: Saturday and Sunday. For further information visit: