Voices of Eurobike 2022

Burkhard Stork, Managing Director of bicycle industry association Zweirad Industrie Verband (ZIV):

“What an incredible start! The halls were full, and the exhibiting companies were quite satisfied with the contacts that were established and cultivated. We got used to the new exhibition centre within just a few hours. The bicycle industry’s prominence in the policy sphere and its coverage in the popular media have greatly increased. This is an outstanding basis for the continuation of the world’s leading trade fair for bicycles in the years to come!”

Wolfgang Marzin, Chairman of the Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt:

“We experienced an impressive début of the Eurobike in Frankfurt. The team from Friedrichshafen did an outstanding job of implementing the new concept at the Frankfurt location and organised an inspiring trade fair. Together we were able to put the world’s leading trade fair into the international spotlight and underscore the importance of the bicycle as a smart transport solution with great potential for the future. A record number of exhibitors, a large number of visitors to our exhibition grounds and a fantastic response to the numerous events in the city demonstrated that we are on the right track: Frankfurt offers a perfect environment when it comes to the topic of the bicycle.”

Klaus Wellmann, Managing Director of Messe Friedrichshafen:

“Eurobike’s vision for the future has been given full expression at the Frankfurt location. In terms of conceptual development, we were able to implement what we have been dreaming about for a long time.”

Susanne Puello, Managing Director of Pierer E-Bikes GmbH:

“Eurobike 2022 met our expectations in every regard: The event organisation at the new location went off without a hitch, we had many good quality meetings, and the atmosphere was exciting on every day of the fair! Moving to Frankfurt was a great decision for the entire industry, and the topic of bicycle mobility has truly arrived in the heart of a booming metropolis.”

Jörg Müsse, Managing Director of the dealer community BIKE&CO:

“Our expectations for the new location and arrangements were high. Now we can confirm that they were more than fulfilled! The prominent dealer presence at the new Frankfurt location, the many good talks with suppliers and the media attention brought great results. You can now see that policymakers are also sharing in the enthusiasm of the bicycle industry.”

Bernhard Lange, Managing Partner of Paul Lange & Co. OHG:

“With its move to Frankfurt, the Eurobike regained its former status as the world’s leading trade fair for the bicycle industry. The number of trade visitors on the first three days of the fair exceeded our expectations, and the international makeup of the audience from all over the world impressively underscored the global significance of this fair. The fact that we can say that the mood among visitors and exhibitors alike was consistently positive, despite the currently gloomy overall economic outlook, demonstrates that a bright future lies ahead for the bicycle and for the e-bike as essential components of modern mobility.”

Jürgen Gudd, Chairman of Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH:

“We awaited the Eurobike with both excitement and a great deal of anticipation at the new location in Frankfurt. The Eurobike presented itself as a modern, colourful, dynamic, innovative and sustainable event. During the many fascinating lectures and panel discussions, there were excellent opportunities for discussing approaches to mobility in which the bicycle plays a key role. For us it was important to demonstrate our presence in regard to the topic of “bike and train”. This year’s Eurobike slogan of ‘From Cycling to Mobility’ encourages people to think about mobility in a holistic manner.”

Ulrich Prediger, founder of JobRad and Managing Director of JobRad Holding GmbH:

“This year, Frankfurt is the place to be for the bicycle industry. The world’s leading trade fair Eurobike has arrived at the right place: The new dimensions of the event created great momentum and made for top-notch discussions. On this basis, an up-to-date and comprehensive picture of the industry, along with its goals and challenges, could be obtained in a matter of just a few days. In Frankfurt, the Eurobike can continue to grow in line with the industry over both the medium and long term. With all of this in mind, we are looking forward to next year in Frankfurt.”

Dr Sandra Wolf, Managing Director of Riese & Müller:

“Eurobike 2022 in Frankfurt has been a very strong fair for us. The many face-to-face encounters and the intensive exchange with the national and international trade audience as well as our existing dealers and suppliers were real highlights for us. The decision to move the fair to Frankfurt and give the topic of urban bicycle mobility even more attention was absolutely right.”

Stefan Limbrunner, Managing Director of KTM Fahrrad GmbH:

“KTM Fahrrad is happy that there is a new, central location for the leading trade fair of the bicycle industry. The first fair held in the new location was already promising in terms of atmosphere and visitor quality. We are convinced that something very good can come out of this very quickly.”

Volker Thiemann, Managing Director of AT Cycles Holding GmbH:

“We are highly satisfied and had a great response to our booth. The number of hotel rooms available was great, and everything at the fair was wonderful. We are also thrilled with the location.”

Gaetan Vetois, European Retail Development Manager, SRAM Deutschland GmbH:

“It feels good to be back at Eurobike and to reconnect with the cycling industry on a face-to-face basis. The atmosphere is professional and friendly. It was clearly a good decision to choose Frankfurt as the location for the fair, with its central location in Germany, good infrastructure, reliable transport and city size.  In terms of visitor numbers and the quality of meetings and interactions during the business days, Eurobike 2022 can be said to be a success. As always, there is room for improvement, but then we are only talking about details.” 

Joe Jiang, Marketing & Sales Director of Bafang Electric GmbH:

“The Eurobike fair was very successful for us, and our expectations were met in the best possible way. We were able to deepen contacts with our existing partners and hold promising discussions with new customers, and we are very confident for the future. For 2023, the Eurobike is at the top of our agenda in terms of trade show presence.”

Andreas Hombach, WSM Walter Solbach Metallbau GmbH:

“It’s simply wonderful that bicycle trade fairs can be held again – and in an atmosphere that encourages people to see the big picture beyond the bicycle. By broadening the spectrum to include other mobility topics and the necessary infrastructure, as well as a corresponding supporting programme, the Eurobike has clearly taken on new prominence with its appeal to additional target groups, including policymakers and administrators on all levels as well as planners and mobility and service providers. The visit to our booth by Germany’s Federal Minister of Transport Dr. Wissing was a highlight for us, of course. In addition to the large number and quality of the meetings and conversations, this drove it home to us that we made the right choice when we decided to participate in the fair. Kudos to Messe Frankfurt and Fairnamic as well as to everyone else involved in organising this incredible event.”

Thomas Paatz, Founder of MTB-News.de, Rennrad-News.de and eMTB-News.de:

“Like all the other trade fair visitors, after first having to get used to the new scope of the event and the unfamiliar hall layout, our overall bottom line for the event was very positive. We had a lot of good editorial and sales appointments, and were pleased with many first-time exhibitors, with the people making return visits to the fair and the meetings with media colleagues from the domestic market and abroad. The general mood and atmosphere in Frankfurt were positive, with no comparison to the sometimes somewhat subdued atmosphere in previous years. There is certainly room for improvement in some areas, but we made note of such positive new features such as the integration of the city into side events, the great organisation of the bicycle parking and the creative social media engagement of the fair. We believe the Eurobike has taken a huge step forward due to the move, and we hope it will continue to operate at this new level.”

Tamara Winograd, Head of Marketing and Communication of Bosch eBike Systems:

“The début of the Eurobike in Frankfurt was a resounding success: The expansion of the concept into the urban space, the international integration, and the reputation of the venue as a global trade fair powerhouse give the Eurobike new weight as the industry’s leading international trade fair. The great interest in the fair has demonstrated that the new Eurobike offers a great opportunity to position sustainable bicycle mobility beyond the borders of the industry – and this is a development we welcome very much.”

Gerhard Schwarz, Managing Director of Cosmic Sports:

“After two years of absence from the fair due to the pandemic, we are thrilled to be part of the trade fair landscape again. In both quantitative and qualitative terms, we are quite satisfied with the results and contacts established and cultivated so far. In our view, the decision to move the event to Frankfurt was exactly right. The central location in Germany, the good international integration and the excellent infrastructure tell you all you need to know about the brilliance of the Frankfurt location. We therefore look to the future with great confidence and are already looking forward to participating again next year.”

Isabell Eberlein, Geschäftsführerin Velokonzept GmbH:

“What a successful start to Eurobike at the exhibition center and in the city of Frankfurt. The trade show clearly captures the urban and political components of cycling. In the form of the Mobility Convention, Eurobike for the first time provided a platform for cross-stakeholder discussion with the federal government, the states and municipalities, the sciences and civil society. The visit of the Federal Minister of Transport Dr. Volker Wissing underlines how important the bicycle is for the mobility transformation, and the bicycle industry assumes social responsibility as a mobility transformation industry. With this premiere, the industry gains strength and momentum. The aim now is to continue to implement the vision systematically.”

Arne Behrensen, CEO of cargobike.jetzt:

“The fact that the Eurobike has successfully taken over the prominent trade fair location of Frankfurt from the IAA car show speaks volumes about how the transportation revolution has finally arrived – and everyone involved deserves to be congratulated! The booming cargo bike industry had a prominent stage at the Eurobike, with more than 50 exhibitors in the Cargo Area, the CityChangerCargoBike conference, the Cargo Academy and additional events. There is also a political message to be taken from this: Cargo bikes, with all their diversity on display at the Eurobike, have great potential for replacing cars and vans. They are a symbol of the transport revolution, and they open up new markets and customer groups for the bicycle industry. My personal highlight was when Messe Frankfurt’s VIP transport service asked about cycle rickshaws – because of all the cyclists, the usual electric saloon cars could not operate on the exhibition grounds.”

Ralf Kindermann, Managing Director of Kindermann Value Creation:

“The first Eurobike Investors Lounge was a smashing success. Over 70 investors with a total of more than €10 billion in investment capital under management were in attendance. The industry insights provided by ZIV, Deloitte, Bootcamp Bike and Kindermann Value Creation were very well received by the financial experts.”

Hanna Grau, Managing Director of Croozer:

“It’s clear that the move to Frankfurt has taken the Eurobike to the next level The industry is doing more to grow together so that the mobility of the future can be jointly achieved. As every year, we were pleased to have numerous interesting discussions at our booth, and we took encouragement from the fact that we are making a significant contribution to the transport revolution with our products.”

Jorrit Kreek, co-founder and CEO of Urban Arrow:

“At the new location at Messe Frankfurt, Eurobike 2022 has proven that the cargo bike segment is flourishing in Europe. We are very excited about the new opportunities brought about by this year’s Eurobike, and we will continue to lead by example as electric cargo bike pioneers from the Netherlands.”

Reto Aeschbacher, Chief Marketing Officer of Scott Sports SA:

“We welcome the changes associated with the new Eurobike. The combination of coming at the right point in time, the commitment of strong partners and the good accessibility of the location ensured that we could meet with many of our customers in a professional environment worthy of the industry. The trade is pleased to again have a direct platform for face-to-face meetings.”

Jens Deutschendorf, State Secretary for Transport of the German state of Hesse:

“The Eurobike was held in Frankfurt for the first time this year. This is good news for Frankfurt as a trade fair location and also good news for Hesse as a state that prides itself on facilitating local mobility. As Hessia’s Ministry of Economics and Transport, we are very pleased that the Eurobike came to Frankfurt, that it is undergoing further development here and that it is fostering sustainable mobility as a whole – because the bicycle sector is an industry of the future. When we talk about the transportation revolution and protecting the climate, the topic of the bicycle is a high priority for us in Hesse.”

Jacob von Hacht, Managing Director of Stevens Bikes:

“We began the fair with a great deal of enthusiasm and treated ourselves to a completely new booth, demonstrating that we find the fair concept to be persuasive. We were not disappointed in any way by the number of visitors to the booth. Frankfurt has charm and flair that differs a bit from that of Friedrichshafen, but it is really easy for visitors to get to, both in terms of the initial journey to the fair location and the close proximity of the hotels.”

Paul Hollands, Managing Director of HP Velotechnik:

“As a company based in Hesse, we are particularly pleased with the fair taking place in Frankfurt – not only in regard to the fact that we can cycle to work every day but also that a highly professional and fun bicycle trade fair was implemented here and that it turned out even better than in Friedrichshafen. A large number of visitors from the trade and the general public attended, and the media interest in the event was also good. We were a bit lacking in the number of retail dealers, as a date in July is obviously difficult for them. The dealers are then still in the middle of the main season and can’t find time to leave the shop. We are critical of the proposed date for June next year and are wondering what new products we would not be able to exhibit, which would then keep the press from communicating about them. Apart from that, I would like to make special mention of the commitment of the trade fair staff here on site. They make it possible for us to have a good trade fair in a manner that was much less complicated than we initially expected from Frankfurt.”

Christian Buck, Sales, Tout Terrain:

“We got the impression that the customers at the fair were relaxed and having a good time. One reason for this is certainly the fact that it is so easy to get to Frankfurt. I personally arrived by car from Freiburg. You take the exit into Frankfurt, immediately see the sign and are able to make your way to the car park. Three minutes after that, you’re on a bus and at the site in the blink of an eye. It all made a very positive initial impression on me. This circumstance also makes working with each other at the fair a lot less stressful. Something else that is also quite nice is that there is more space between the booths, giving the fair a feel that is a bit more open and ‘airy’. Everyone also stays at hotels within cycling or walking distance, making it easier to meet up after the fair shuts down for the day.”

Philipp Elsner-Krause, Managing Director of Fahrer Berlin:

“Our conclusion: great event, well attended, good discussions. We are really happy to be able to meet with others again. You have to get used to the new arrangement of the fair, as the distances between the booths and attractions are greater, and you therefore have to schedule your time differently. The fair is already really, really big, and you have to wonder whether these dimensions fit the bicycle industry. In terms of urban flair, Frankfurt is a fabulous city. You can do a lot in the evening, but I kind of miss the lake we had access to at the old venue. Overall, we are very satisfied. Perhaps one more thing I might mention: The signposting of the halls is not really logical. We received feedback on this issue more than once; people said they had trouble finding us.”

Philipp Richter, Head of Marketing, Abus:

“Compared to last year, the location is clearly better for us. For companies from North Rhine-Westphalia like us with international partners, it is excellent to have Frankfurt as a central location and meeting point. We can also exhibit over a larger area because there is simply more room available to us. In regard to the fair itself: You can clearly see that the e-mobility aspect is experiencing strong growth. That of course suits us due to the OEM solutions we have on offer. As far as the number of visitors to our booth is concerned, we saw plenty in Friedrichshafen last year and things are also very good here. We have nothing to complain about.”

Frank Bohle, Managing Director of Schwalbe:

“From Schwalbe’s point of view, the Eurobike had an extremely promising start at the new venue in Frankfurt. The central location, the local infrastructure and the great interest in the fair are a good basis for further optimising the Eurobike in Frankfurt over the coming years so that it can be firmly established as the leading trade fair for our industry.”

Alexander Müllmann, Managing Director of Sport Import:

“Our experience over the days here in Frankfurt was extremely positive. We were able to cultivate many existing contacts and establish new ones. The fair gives the topic of cycling great visibility. The new location also helps to position the fair so that it is even more international than before.”

Martin Buchta, Corporate Communications, Messingschlager:

“We (already) had several really exciting days in Frankfurt. Everything was new to us, and it certainly took a little while to acclimate and figure out how to get from one place to another. We have now gotten our bearings, and the fair is very pleasant. What is really good about the entire event is that things are no longer as bunched up together as they were in Friedrichshafen. The aisles are wider and everything is a bit more dispersed, and I think that creates a more relaxed atmosphere. On the other hand, it remains somewhat difficult to say how successful the fair was for us since we don’t yet have any figures for direct comparison. However, the fair has made a good impression on us so far.”

Sebastian Göttling, Marketing Manager of Busch & Müller:

“There was so much going on at this event. We think it’s great that the Eurobike is now in Frankfurt. The move has brought about both an improvement and a simplification of our related work. The beauty of it is that many people whom we had not seen at Lake Constance in recent years were again in attendance. Maintaining contact with the specialist retailers is particularly important for us, and we were able to cultivate and grow our contacts well. The fair is maintaining its character as a conference, but it has a better mix of topics. That’s something we appreciate.”

Jan-Philipp Schmitt, Content Manager of Ergon/RTI Sports:

“In terms of location, the biggest advantage is the better infrastructure. Visitors to the fair were also quite receptive to our news and product innovations – especially in regard to our key topic of ‘Made in Germany’. I’m curious to see how this idea will be received by the end customers. It’s good to see that demand for information in regard to cycling continues unabated. The bicycle is now in the fast lane.”

Marcel Spork, Head of After Sales at SKS Germany:

“The relaunch of the event was a complete success. It is impressive that many exhibitors invested in new booths, demonstrating that the fair in Frankfurt is not intended to be a one-off event and that there is interest in more. The number of visitors to our booth was more than satisfactory. The choice of location can only be described as a success. The more intimate atmosphere of Friedrichshafen may have been lost, but we are now in a highly professional environment that also allows us to work well.”

Henning Voss, Managing Director of Voss Spezial-Rad:

“Over the extensive history of our company, we have exhibited at many trade fair locations. However, this is our first time in Frankfurt, and we were pleasantly surprised. The exhibition grounds are extremely professional. You can sense that the industry is experiencing a new dawn with the relocation of the Eurobike to Frankfurt. We’re excited to see what comes next.”

Peter Wöstmann, PR Spokesperson at Ortlieb:

“In general, we are just happy to see that fairs are finally making a comeback. We are pleased about the successful début of the fair in its new location and its wide-ranging line-up. As an international brand, we are happy about the new trade fair location. In a nutshell, we are very satisfied with the fair.”

Ivica Durdevic, CEO of Biketec GmbH:

“You may miss the atmosphere of Friedrichshafen a bit, but the high level of professionalism and infrastructure in Frankfurt just can’t be beat. It starts with the air-conditioning system, which ensures a pleasant climate in the halls even when the ambient temperature is high. I’m also quite pleasantly surprised at how the topic of digital transformation is attracting so much more interest than previously. Our booth was busy even at lunchtime.”

Patrick Laible, Product Manager at bc GmbH:

“In my eyes, the Eurobike is experiencing a rebirth. It can no longer really be described as an intimate event, but now it has real potential for growth. There’s a chance that one or more global players will return. Our bottom line for the first event in this location is very positive, with many visitors and many good conversations.”

Further information is available at: www.eurobike.com