ZEG signs up to new Eurobike in Frankfurt

Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft (ZEG) to exhibit entire portfolio 2022, 2023 and 2024 at international bicycle trade show Eurobike Frankfurt

Friedrichshafen – Now that the Eurobike exhibition halls have closed for the last time in Friedrichshafen, the Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft (ZEG), one the industry’s major players, has made a clear and early commitment to the leading bike industry trade show in Frankfurt. The dealer group and purchasing cooperative will be exhibiting at the new Eurobike in 2022 with its full brand portfolio BULLS, PEGASUS, ZEMO, KETTLER Alu-Rad, HERCULES, FLYER, i:SY, EURORAD, SHAREA, MonkeyLink and WANDERER. The wide-ranging engagement is both long-term and exclusive.

By signing up to the new Eurobike, ZEG is making a strong commitment and sending a clear signal to the industry. As such, the ZEG will be at the premiere of the leading international bike trade show in Frankfurt next year from 13 to 17 July and in the following years 2023 and 2024. “We’re delighted by the ZEG’s clear, long-term focus and objectives. As a dealer group cooperative with approximately 960 independent bike retailers, the ZEG has a strong position with both sales and purchasing in the key German bike market. This is further confirmation from the bike industry that the new show orientation is on the right track. And underscores Eurobike’s importance – including in German-speaking markets – as the leading trade show for retail, media, politics and all bike enthusiasts,” says Head of EUROBIKE, Messe Friedrichshafen and Managing Director of fairnamic Stefan Reisinger.

ZEG chairman Georg Honkomp and chairman Fred Schierenbeck see it like this: “Eurobike is the most important international trade show and plays a vital role as a global industry platform. With the reorientation and new collaboration with the Eurobike makers, we see a great opportunity to further boost enthusiasm for sustainable transport and look forward to more direct communication with retailers and the general public. With our comprehensive product portfolio, our bike brands and by holding our annual general meeting and an evening event during the Eurobike in Frankfurt, we expect to generate considerable interest.” 

The 30th edition of Eurobike has its location premiere in Frankfurt am Main from Wednesday, 13 July to Sunday, 17 July 2022. For further information, visit: www.eurobike.com and www.eurobike-frankfurt.com.