Cargo bikes for sustainable transport – from compact bikes to Euro palettes

Special Eurobike cargo bike area – buyer premiums boost market – new transport solutions for families, trade and industry – cargo bike trends also focus at Eurobike Academy

Friedrichshafen – Cargo bikes are now becoming established as a practical solution across Europe. Whether two, three or four wheelers, cargo bikes easily cope with heavy loads. They have huge potential to contribute to the green transformation of the transport sector. Around half of all motorised transport in European cities could be shifted to bicycles. This is something that EU Ministers for Transport had already established back in 2015 in their “Declaration on cycling as a climate friendly transport mode”. In the meantime, buyer premiums in many countries are helping to promote a sustained cargo bikes boom. Simultaneously, the range of cargo bikes on offer is growing. Cargo bikes are getting both compacter and larger and covering ever more areas of use. From transporting children or senior citizens, to doing the shopping or taking the dog out, to craftspeople and parcel delivery. The Cargo Area at Eurobike will be presenting the latest innovations, pioneers and newcomers in the cargo bike industry from 1 to 4 September. Meanwhile, the accompanying Eurobike Academy is a specialist technical event covering the main cargo bike trends.

The German Bike Industry Association (ZIV) estimates that some 103,000 cargo bikes were sold in Germany in 2020. This represents an increase of around 35 per cent compared to the previous year – an upward trend that has been continuing for some years now. Over three quarters of models are electric powered – and this is set to increase in future. “No wonder,” says Arne Behrensen from blog, who is supporting Eurobike as resident cargo bike expert, “Electric motors make so much sense on cargo bikes. It’s also possible to use them without e-drives, but the current boom in Europe would be unthinkable without e-motors. Electric motor assistance is now making transporting children and heavy loads much more enjoyable.”

The cargo bike boom across Europe is being boosted by buyer premiums related to climate protection. Local government and state premiums are being offered to subsidise the purchase of high-quality cargo bikes that range from 2,000 to 10,000 euros. For example, in Austria there is a 1,000 euro purchase subsidy on offer for all cargo bikes. In Germany, since March the purchase of e-cargo bikes for commercial is being subsidised by up to 2,500 euros and in France since July there are now subsidies of 1,000 euros for private use purchases. As such, cyclists, and not just e-cars, are set to benefit from this support for electro-mobility in Europe.

The cargo bike boom is also evident in the growing variety of new models and the large number of innovative start-ups. Eurobike is hosting many exciting cargo bike exhibitors, such as Convercycle with their convertible 2-in-1 city and cargo bike, the sporty GinkGo and a premiere of the new ergonomic cluuv child transporter in the Start-Up Area. The cargo bike industry will be showcasing its products in the Cargo Area in the Zeppelin Cat Hall A1. Established child transporters, such as Babboe, Winther and Chike will be on display, alongside the international premiere of “One Less Van” from Italy, the Euro palette trailer from FlexiModal and a first look at AL-KO vehicle technology from the automotive industry. Over 25 exhibitors are present at the Cargo Area, which was launched in 2018 and there are dedicated guided tours on each day of the show.

Cargo bike manufacturer Urban Arrow has been present at the special area since day one. With its Shorty, Family, Cargo and Tender models, the Dutch company has a wide offer that covers both the private and commercial spectrum of uses. “The Cargo Area is definitely the place to be for us,” says Annemieke van Baal, Urban Arrow marketing & communications manager. “It’s the most prominent international shop window for the cargo bike industry. This year, we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary on the first day of the trade fair. And naturally, we have a raft of exciting new innovations to show.”

A further important development in the cargo bike industry over recent years is the range of different reclining options for three-wheel models. The young Berlin outfit sblocs are demonstrating just how sporty trikes can get. “It’s our first international trade show!” is Britta Gaitzsch’s enthusiastic response when asked how she feels about their Eurobike premiere. “We’re excited to see the response from the international audience and to find out what trade visitors make of our bikes. The test ride set-up at the trade show is really important for us.”

On day two of the show there will be four consecutive cargo bike discussion panels at the Eurobike Academy. Kevin Mayne from Cycling Industries Europe and Arne Behrensen will be announcing the results of the “Second European Cargo Bike Industry Survey” and talking to ZIV managing director Burkhard Stork about the significance of cargo bikes for the bicycle industry and the green transformation of the transport sector. The further panels will be discussing the European EN standard for cargo bikes, how transporting children is driving growth and cargo bike sharing concepts.

“We’re delighted that the innovative cargo bike sector has found a home at Eurobike,” concludes Eurobike project manager Dirk Heidrich, reflecting on the development of the Cargo Area since 2018. “The range and sheer variety of exciting models and the big interest in test rides is really impressive. The same applies to the community atmosphere among both among exhibitors and visitors in the Cargo Area.“

For more information about the Cargo Area and the guided tours, visit: Guided tours of the Cargo Area with Arne Behrensen from 1 and 3 September: 14.00 to 14.45, 2 September: 16.00 to 16.45 Cargo Bike Discussion Panels at the Eurobike Academy: 2 September, 10.00 to 14.00

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