Eurobike Cargo Area: A separate area for the cargo bike trend

At the Eurobike Special Edition (24-26 November 2020), the trend topic of cargo bikes has its own separate exhibition space – the first topics and items on the agenda have been selected

Friedrichshafen – cargo bikes are on-trend – and not just since the Corona lockdown. According to a survey by the European project CityChangerCargoBike, in 2019 the growth rate in Europe among 38 cargo bike producers was around 60 per cent. A further increase of 53 per cent is forecast for 2020. The rising demand is bringing new players onto the market with fresh ideas and topics. Yet the established manufacturers are also constantly refining their products. To provide a swift overview of the new developments, a separate exhibition space has been reserved for everything connected with cargo bikes at the special-edition Eurobike in Zeppelin Cat Hall A1.

“It’s pleasing to see that the demand for cargo bikes is increasing all the time – and that is also apparent in the special presentation”, says Eurobike Show Director Dirk Heidrich, pointing to the more than 25 exhibitors in the Cargo Area for 2020, among them international specialists like Urban Arrow, Johansson with my Esel, Douze, Citkar, Muli and Winther. Whether for two-wheeled or three-wheeled cargo bikes, the technology is constantly being improved, refined and developed. This permits sportier and more dynamic riding. Longtail cargo bikes with extended carrier racks are on the rise, because they allow a greater load to be carried but are also compact when parked. On the other hand, there is still little demand for four-wheeled models, but they may also play an important role in the future. Arne Behrensen, who dedicates his platform to this on-trend topic and is working together with the show team on developing a programme for the special area, adds: “It’s very important for a growth market, like the cargo bike segment, to have a meeting place where people can exchange ideas, view products and discuss the challenges. Eurobike offers a perfect platform for this.”


Four major topics are on the agenda at the end of November in Friedrichshafen in the accompanying programme of presentations and discussions organised by the Eurobike Academy on the subject of cargo bikes. The first of these is a closer look at market growth and trends with the CityChangerCargoBike project. After the previously mentioned survey, the plans of the EU-supported project also include a first pan-European online market overview. The second item on the agenda is safety. Since they transport heavy loads, the frame and parts of cargo bikes have to withstand greater strain. Component manufacturers are themselves discovering the topic and bringing special cargo lines to market such as motors, brakes and tyres. A German DIN standard with safety standards for cargo bikes came into effect in early 2020, and work on a European standard is in progress. Sharing is an interesting topic not only for private and commercial providers but also for municipal partners. New concepts and funding are repeatedly providing fresh stimuli, not only in urban regions but also in rural areas. Around Lake Constance, too, a number of things are happening to make the Cargo Area of interest to regional companies and municipalities.

Last on the agenda is passenger transport, which is now subject to new regulations and clear definitions in the new version of the German road traffic regulations (StVO). As a result, adults may also be carried on bicycles, provided they are equipped with a suitable seat. This leads to new opportunities and types of bikes especially for passenger transport. Even the velocar, a small pedal-powered vehicle similar to a car for two people, may enjoy a renaissance.

Hands-on experience and test rides are so important for all these new products. This is why 2020 will feature a large indoor test area suitable for extensive trials. “We keep experiencing such a great interest in test-riding the growing variety of cargo bikes”, points out Behrensen, who also organises a regular cargo roadshow. And e-mobility provides an additional boost here: most of the bikes now sold in Europe have a pedelec drive.

The special edition of Eurobike 2020 takes place live in Friedrichshafen from 24 to 26 November and is open to trade visitors only. Tickets are available exclusively online. For all other information, please visit: