Exhibitor statements Eurobike 2019:

Winfried Hermann MdL, Transport Minister Baden-Württemberg:

“Reaching our climate objectives poses a considerable challenge for the transport sector. Ecological traffic transformation, which we are pushing in Baden-Württemberg, is long overdue. Bike transport is very important to the successful transition of the transport sector. Our goal is by 2030, that every second journey will be either on foot or by bike and that the proportion of bicycle traffic has increased to 20 per cent. We can only achieve this together with a large number of people involved. The bike industry plays a decisive role. It is also an important economic sector for Baden-Württemberg. With its products and innovations, it plays an indispensable contribution to promoting and ensuring sustainable future mobility. It is important that the bike industry confidently presents its achievements to society and politics. The Eurobike is the central platform to do this.”

Siegfried Neuberger, Managing Director German Bike Industry Association (Zweirad-Industrie-Verband– ZIV):

“There is a consistently positive response from ZIV members, the return to the later show date has been met with widespread approval. Trade visitors to the show are very interested and the discussions are high quality. This year we have also witnessed particularly strong resonance from the media and politics. This underlines the constantly increasing importance in the public eye of bikes, e-bikes and Eurobike, as the leading international tradeshow. Moreover, from the ZIV’s perspective, the newly created areas in the show for cargo bikes and start-ups should also be highlighted. We are convinced that this high level will continue in the long-term and be expanded in coming years.”

Bernhard Lange, Managing Director Paul Lange & Co. OHG:

“We’re very pleased with how things have gone at Eurobike 2019. In particular, the high quality of talks and the noticeably positive and motivated mood in the industry has shaped this show. After some turbulent years, Eurobike 2019 has confirmed its role as the leading international show and the most important showcase for the bicycle industry to all other areas of society. In times where large sections of the world’s population are developing an ever-increasing awareness for sustainable and climate-friendly mobility, Friedrichshafen is the best opportunity to powerfully demonstrate what a major contribution bike riding can make to these objectives. Eurobike shows the solutions the industry has to offer to making bike riding more comfortable, more suitable for daily use and more attractive for broad sections of society.”

Dr Sandra Wolf, Managing Director Riese & Müller:

“For us, the September show date proved to be exactly the right time to conduct good business talks and simultaneously introduce the new season to end consumers. We are very satisfied. We regret that certain well-known bike brands were not exhibiting at Eurobike. The overall quality of contacts was very high and the trade fair was well attended. We would like to see Eurobike pursue the public day more consequently in future and open up the show further to end consumers, for example with a second day for end users.”

Felix Schön, Public Relations Muli Cycles GmbH:

“This year’s Eurobike went very well for us. In particular, we were naturally delighted to receive a Gold Award on the first day of the show. This also lead to major interest from visitors at our stand. As we are still a young company and only at Eurobike for the second time, we are really soaking up everything we see here: managing contacts, conducting business, networking and new customer acquisition. It was a great feeling for us to already feel after just a few years like part of the international bike community. We were able to close deals at the show and set up solid new partnerships.”

Susanne Puello, Managing Director Pexco GmbH:

“For the Pexco brands R Raymon and Husqvarna Bicycles, we enjoyed a very positive Eurobike. It was our first major appearance on the international stage. We thought the mood was very good! All our teams – distribution, export, marketing and PR had back-to-back appointments the whole show. Both quantitatively and qualitatively, they were very satisfying Naturally, the majority of appointments were arranged in advance. In general, the public was very interested. Trade visitors and retailers were especially interested in new (digital) themes from Pexco – so there is also big potential to use the show as a platform in these areas. We’ll look more closely at our event planning for 2020, once Eurobike is over. However, fundamentally speaking, we do not intend to have a première only. Eurobike is the most renowned, leading international trade show in our industry – there is no comparable platform for presenting innovations and brands in such a manner. It is very important to us.”

Andrea Gastaldello, CEO Italian manufacturer Wilier Triestina S.p.A.:

“We’re particularly satisfied with the B2B-take-up and to meet many of our German retailers at Eurobike, but also receive visitors from other European countries and Asia. “We were delighted to receive a Eurobike Award for our e-road bike. And as a sport-orientated brand, we are very pleased to see the large numbers of people who are passionate about powering their bikes solely by muscle power.”

Dr. Thomas Leicht, Head Brose Drives:

“Trade show visitors showed an extraordinary strong interest in our new innovations – this confirms that we are pursuing the right course. Both our new full system and extensions to our Brose Drive product family were received very positively. Our test bikes were constantly in use.”

Zachary Vestal, Marketing Manager Niner Bikes:

“For Niner Bikes, the European and Global markets are quite important. We’re happy to be back on the show and communicating directly to key customers. Our stand has been busy not only with appointments, but also new guests who have discovered us thanks to our visibility here.”

Steffen John, Owner and Managing Director Little John Bikes GmbH:

“For us Little John Biker, who came to Friedrichshafen as trade visitors to work and network, the show was definitely worth it, despite the cries of a few naysayers. We were able to quickly get a good overview of the market, in particular for bike-related products. Yes, we had already completed our main bike and e-bike orders well in advance but our approximately 30 Little John Bikes stores do not just sell bikes, but also increasing numbers of accessories, servicing and other products. This trade fair is essential for us to question and also compare our strategy and get informed about and adopt new trends. Even if the infrastructure has always been complicated in Friedrichshafen and hotels and restaurants are completely overrun during the Eurobike, we are very happy to return next year. We’ve got used to the difficulties and love the atmosphere on these wonderful showgrounds and the quality and effort on the part of all the trade fair employees, including the BIDEX Lounge, which was an important oasis and meeting point for us during the show. Thanks again to all the sponsors and organisers!”

Dr Anja Knaus, PR Manager Flyer:

“As we had already conducted a few retailer events in advance, we were able to use the show to consolidate and further strengthen contacts. For product management and communication in particular, Eurobike 2019 was a very successful event with positive talks with suppliers and large numbers of press contacts. The opportunity to show our 2020 products to customers and end consumers on the subsequent public day is very valuable – we were well prepared with plenty of personnel and test bikes.”

Arne Behrensen, cargobike.jetzt:

“Cargo bikes are the ‘Yes We Can’ in of the bicycle industry. Whether it’s for ferrying the kids about and doing the weekend shopping or urban logistics, the increase in modern e-cargo bikes is increasingly making cars and vans in city traffic look dated. Transporting loads from 60 kg up to, in certain cases, over 200 kg as with the Radlogistik Verband Deutschland/RLVD (German Cycle Logistics Association) companies, who were exhibiting at Eurobike this year – these are technological innovation drivers for the bike industry. Numerous exhibitors presented new, robust special components for cargo bikes at Eurobike. At the supporting programme events, manufacturers could also inform themselves about the new DIN standard for cargo bikes, that defines safety standards and comes into force from the start of 2020. This means that cargo bikes will be well equipped to open up other areas to bike traffic and introduce the bike industry to new markets – according to the motto: loads on bikes! By bringing together large numbers of cargo bike exhibitors in the Cargo Area, Eurobike has been quick to recognise and highlight the potential of cargo bikes.”

John, Irvin, Founder – CEO AER Electric Company:

„For a new business to be here at Eurobike has been a wonderful experience. The response has been overwhelming and to have won the Start Up Award at such a prestigious event means such a lot to us. By debuting the AER 557 e-scooter at the show, we hope to be able to play a key part in the evolution of the micro-transportation industry. We would also like to thank Eurobike for the support they have given to us, the organisation has been outstanding and we look forward to being here again next year.“

Gerd Klose, Managing Director Merida & Centurion Germany GmbH:

“We were somewhat critical in advance of this year’s Eurobike, as we knew that many of our retailers were not be coming. Nevertheless, the show once again proved to be an optimal platform for international business. All companies from the parts and accessory’s sector are present, there are excellent knowledge exchange and networking opportunities – Eurobike is the leading show in this industry.”

Marcus Chiba, Managing Director Chiba Gloves Germany:

“That was a great trade fair for us with numerous international contacts.”

Tamara Winograd, Head of Marketing and Communication Bosch eBike Systems:

“This year’s Eurobike clearly demonstrated that e-bikes are giving the bicycle industry new momentum. Thanks to electronic support, more and more people are discovering bikes for themselves. This is a great development and also a way to shape future mobility in a more sustainable manner. As one of the main forces in the e-bike market, we are making our contribution to this with innovative products and solutions. Eurobike continues to be an important platform for the industry for meeting people in person and presenting new products.

Philipp Simon, Managing Director Bike-Components:

“Loads of great discussions, loads of nice contacts with partner firms and friends within the industry – Eurobike 2019 worked really well for us as an exchange platform. In my opinion, the trade show should sharpen its profile. Is it a sport-orientated bike show or a mobility show? Is it aimed at retailers or at end consumers? I feel that the current approach is not clear enough.”

Heiko Plorinn, Head of Sales Cycle Union GmbH:

“Overall, Eurobike 2019 was a positive experience. However, we noticed a change in the brands attending and missed one or two retailers. There were a large number of important brands missing and yet there were a lot of exhibitors present. The Eurobike is the only leading European trade show and is definitely important to us. Every year, we gain experience, meet retailers from all over the world, but particularly from southern Germany, where we had numerous appointments. A large percentage of our business is conducted earlier in the season, however due to this we were able to go deeper at Eurobike.”

Lydia Chou, Director of Taiwan Trade Centre Munich:

“Eurobike is the most important bicycle exhibition in Europe. It’s also the best platform for us to promote the Taiwan bicycle industry and Taipei Cycle 2020. Together with Merida, Kenda, KMC, Buzzrack and Bryton, we had organized a press conference and were happy to welcome 30 media from eight different countries. It fully met our expectations and we are happy both with the number and the quality of the visitors.”

Marcello Borsellino, FSA Europe:

“Eurobike this year was very interesting – as it is every year. It’s a place for us to present innovations, such as motors and systems. You meet a massive number of exhibitors and visitors here, something which is very important to us. It provides the perfect opportunity to make new contacts from all over Europe and also to make and consolidate international contacts. All in all, Eurobike 2019 was at times stressful, but also a great experience.”

Katja Richarz, Project Leader Velokonzept:

“We were delighted about the huge response to the 18th Travel Talk. During the initial Call for Participation, we received over 30 submissions. This laid the foundations for an innovative and diverse programme with interactive formats that inspired 200 visitors from 22 countries from the tourism and bike industry, media and bloggers.”

Hans-Joachim Retzlaff, Head of Sales Kettler Alu-Rad GmbH:

“Overall, we are well pleased with how the show has gone and were delighted by the highly international nature of visitors over the first three business days. Regarding infrastructure, everything went well this year. Working together with the show organisers was a very pleasant experience. The public day is important for us and also very informative. We’ll be back next year.”

Thomas Sauter-Servaes, Head of Degree Program Transportation Systems, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW):

“I was highly impressed by the ‘Bike Biz Revolution’. There were exciting highlight topics, great speakers and a relaxing atmosphere. It was the right setting to talk to many clever minds and get a few steps ahead in terms of ideas.”

Tobias Erhard, Marketing Manager SRAM:

“Eurobike 2019 was again a successful show for us. Once again, we were able to demonstrate our technical expertise to retailers, end consumers and industry partners. Unlike other parts of the showgrounds, our booth was constantly well attended. The response from visitors was outstanding. This was a very successful show.”

Claudius von Schwerin, Head of Marketing Jobrad GmbH:

“We think it’s great that the Förderkreis (sponsor group) AGSK Baden-Württemberg was founded at this year’s Eurobike. In addition, we welcome that there is more momentum in the market for bike-related services. We see that the mobility theme is being approached in a more multi-faceted manner. As a company bike leasing provider, we are very much a part of this. As market leader, we are delighted to continually attend Eurobike – this year with a new booth concept.”

Edwin Haid, PRO-X Elements GmbH:

“All in all, we are very satisfied with our show presence and the resonance. Of course, we benefitted from the fact that the textile offer is slightly reduced, which meant that we had a very prominent stand. The highly international character of the show is really important for us. We did really well and established good business contacts on the plus side.”

Alice Donadoni, Vertrieb Limar Deutschland GmbH:

“We are very happy. We had large numbers of international customers. Here, we are able to meet all our customers and present our new, high-functionality bike helmet and sports eyewear collections. We were busy the whole show. The popular set-up created a good atmosphere and you could feel that bike sport is very much alive and that there are lots of new small pieces being laid down in all areas. You get a good overview.”