The best tips for Friedrichshafen and the surrounding area.



Resort Ambience at the Yacht Harbor

Beach Club
Unwind on a large wooden terrace by the water and enjoy the sunset through the palms and colorful lamps while sipping a delicious cocktail and listening to relaxed lounge music. A popular summertime meeting place, sometimes with live music. You can even have your drinks brought down to one of the deckchairs right at the water’s edge.

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Lakeside Gourmet Dining

Felders K 42
Centrally located on Buchhornplatz, this restaurant with its glass wall offers a panoramic lake-and-harbor view in all weathers. Featuring the delicious upscale Mediterranean cuisine of renowned chef Ralf Felder, adroitly served by the first-class wait staff. If Felder puts tapas on the blackboard, be sure to try some!

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Dining at the Yacht Club

Kommodore am Yachthafen
Open to the public, the restaurant of the Württemberg Yacht Club is a local favorite on the lakeside promenade. Its fantastic cuisine ranges from pork loin with seasonal vegetables to pizza from the brick oven, and the service is top notch. Excellent value for money, and the outdoor terrace is wonderful.

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Roast Beef at the Tavern

Gasthof Rebstock
One of the last authentic old taverns in Friedrichshafen. Warm and homey, with many local regulars. Generous servings of delicious food, and a sensational value for money. A great favorite is the roast beef and onions, with cheese pasta and potato salad. You can smoke in the solarium dining room, and the lovely shady beer garden is open until 11 p.m.

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Best Ice Cream in Town

Eiscafé Italia
A wide range of gelato, right on the lakeside promenade. With its warm-hearted Italian hospitality, it’s a time-honored family business that’s been open since 1953. Best of all: the Italia has the only rooftop terrace on the entire promenade, with a grand view of the lake.

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Restaurant Around the Corner

Zum Rössle, Hirschlatt
An excellent Italian place, just two kilometers from the trade fair on the road to Ailingen, somewhat hidden at a riding stable. The cooking is certainly a cut above the rest, but the prices are quite reasonable. Try the risotto marinara in white-wine sauce: rapture! Enjoy a cozy evening under the grapevine arbor, with a view of the paddocks.

Go for a Bite at Lotte’s

Gasthaus Krone, Ettenkirch
A legendary tavern near the trade fair. People also go for a bite at Lotte’s (that’s the name of the innkeeper) because you can smoke in the big taproom. A second dining room is reserved for nonsmokers. Serving up deliciously hearty Swabian cuisine, the kitchen is open until 10 p.m. The Krone has a lovely beer garden and a beer bar with dartboard and good music. 

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“Viva Brazil” on Lake Constance

Bahnhof Fischbach
The specialty here is Brazilian rodizio, where you’re served morsels of meat from a skewer brought to your table, along with other tasty treats. The menu also includes vegetarian options. Reservations are definitely recommended. The beer garden is large and shady, and the cocktail bar is as delightfully Brazilian as the food. There’s also entertainment in the adjoining former engine shed, including live music and cabaret

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Lakeside Beer Garden

A classic beer garden right by the lake promenade, where you sit side-by-side on benches as you toast your friends. The Lammgarten is a hallowed institution. The music here always has a folksy touch, and is often live. But the Lammgarten also satisfies the discerning palate, going beyond simple pub grub with its surprisingly modern cuisine.

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Steaks on an Old Ferryboat

Schussen Grillhaus am See
This unique restaurant on the inner harbor is located on the upper deck of the Schussen, an old ferryboat from the 1920s. The steaks are grilled exactly to order, the burgers are respectable, the salads are crisp and the sides are crunchy. The upper deck’s magnificent views of the lake and Alps are matched with romantically nostalgic wooden interiors. On the lower deck, where the cars once stood, there’s a bar with cocktails.

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Authentically Indian

Tandoori Palace
If you’re craving a chicken vindaloo or beef Madras, then head for the Tandoori Palace, one of the family-run Indian restaurants that we can wholeheartedly recommend. The cooking is certainly a cut above the rest, and the staff is very friendly and accommodating, even if you arrive without a reservation. While a bit off the beaten track, the restaurant is centrally located on Schanzstrasse, close to the Hotel City Krone.


Tel. +49 7541 3746761

A Pearl in the Old Town

Café im Rathaus
Located right on Adenauerplatz: here, the coffee and cocktails are equally good, and the daily specials (also evenings) are creative and delicious. With cool music and free Wi-Fi, it also attracts a lot of students from the local university. A perfect meeting spot, the Café am Rathaus is open till late, including the kitchen.

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Graf von Zeppelin Also Ate Here

Buchhorner Stuben
The most historic restaurant in Friedrichshafen is at the Hotel Buchhorner Hof, renowned for generations with its excellent cuisine skillfully prepared from the finest ingredients. Traditional, but with an international twist, sometimes with an Asian touch, sometimes Mediterranean. Buchhorner Stuben is neither expensive nor elitist: it’s simply about enjoying a great meal, and the breakfasts are also quite worthwhile. 

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The Best Burgers in Town

Spicy Grill
If you’re not quite up to the Double Mega Burger with its 680 grams of beef, then the Spicy Special Burger with its tangy sauce is even tastier. The steaks here are just as fantastic as the lamb skewers, bifteki patties, cevapcici and anything else you can throw on the barbecue. The Spicy Grill was already a local institution before the new beef burger trend had even begun. In Seemoos, a bit further along the B31 autobahn.

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Modern Greek

Alpha Restaurant & Bar, Ailingen
It turns out you don’t need the Acropolis kitsch: with the Alpha, the Parganas family has opened a refreshingly modern Greek restaurant. Okay, there are certainly the obligatory grill platters as well. But the best examples of Greek cuisine come from the oven, from moussaka to lamb shank. And the lunch specials here are very popular with the locals. There’s also Ernie’s Night Train, a basement bar open from autumn to May.

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Surrounding Region

The Upper Balcony of Lake Constance

Gutsschänke im Staatsweingut, Meersburg
First, there’s the stunning view. Absolutely nowhere else can you sit so magnificently above the lake, here on the terrace alongside the baroque building near the New Castle, in Meersburg’s Upper Town. And if it rains, the wine bar inside is a cozy retreat. Favorites among the regulars include tarte flambée and soused whitefish. Pair this with a wine produced here at the Staatsweingut, one of the region’s premier wineries.

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An Evening with the Vivacious Innkeeper

Landvogtei bei Geli, Dürnast
With her vivacious character, Geli is a veteran innkeeper with a happy crowd of regulars. The cuisine is Swabian with international influences, the chicken is crispy, the wait staff is extremely friendly and the beer garden out back is huge. Hot food is available until about 10 p.m. Right on the B33 autobahn towards Ravensburg, around ten kilometers from the trade fair.

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Fresh Fish Served Right

Schwedi, Langenargen
An insider tip for excellent fish dishes: the innkeeping Göppinger family includes three fishermen, one of whom is also a cook whose menu includes thirteen different variations on the local whitefish alone. But the meat dishes are all just as tasty here. The Schwedi is right by the lake: from its lovely terrace, there’s a small meadow leading down to the water.

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Culinary Delights at the Yacht Harbor

Seehof, Immenstaad
The cuisine at the Seehof is worth every cent and the service is superb. Featuring regional products, the set menus are highly recommended. You can choose to sit in the cozy wine bar or the stylish annex. Situated right on the lake, the terrace enjoys marvelous evening light. Reservations are definitely recommended.

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Pizza for Nighttime Munchies

Il Centro, Immenstaad
Big pizzeria with great food in the town center. Alongside the superb fish and meat dishes, there are Italian appetizers and – mmhh – oysters with Prosecco. The range of excellent wines is amazing, and the pizza chef does a great show (and great pizza) at the brick oven. It’s perfect for the nighttime munchies, with a kitchen open till 11 p.m. every day.

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Regional Cuisine for Gourmets

Lamm im Kau (in Kau, towards Tettnang)
Simple cooking with only the best ingredients. This means mountain lamb, Alpine pasture beef, Voralberg veal, Alpine country pork and roasted farmhouse chicken (all organic, naturally), along with Lake Constance fish, homemade bread, light summer dishes and a very fine wine selection. And the Augustinerbräu on tap is not to be overlooked. A beautiful beer garden with chestnut trees.

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Rustic Pub for Hanging Out in Style

Gsälzbär, Oberhofen (south of Ravensburg)
With its long counter and rock ’n’ roll ambience, Gsälzbär is perfect for a couple of cold ones with friends and colleagues – even after a restaurant supper, since it’s open till late. The people are friendly and the menu focuses on baguette sandwiches and sausage salad.

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Hotspot by the Town Gate

Lichtblick, Markdorf
Cozy, stylish restaurant in Markdorf’s picturesque old town, by the town gate. Proprietor Markus Wiggenhauser is a superb host who taps an expert beer. If all the tables are taken, you can still find a spot at the long counter. The menu here is outstanding, offering regional and Swabian favorites with Asian and Mediterranean touches. Our tip: the Lichtblick sausage salad with pan-fried potatoes.

Tel. +49 075 44 969 969


Perfecting Grandma’s Recipes

Öxles Schwanenstüble, Markdorf
A hidden gem renowned by regional gourmets: Rudi Öxle, a master in the preparation of game dishes and Lake Constance fish. Actually, every type of meat is at its very best here. But without any ostentation: Öxle has simply refined and perfected Grandma’s recipes. The Schwanenstüble is relatively small, so you should definitely reserve.

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Where There’s Always Room for You

Die Post, Oberteuringen

A very good restaurant where you can still get a table when every other place is already full. This is quite simply because the Post is so big. In the evenings, the terrace offers a lovely peacefulness, as the Post is located in a park-like setting behind the church in the middle of town. Its regional cuisine is sophisticated yet down to earth, using fresh ingredients. It’s about six kilometers from the trade fair.

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Everything Homemade, Even the Beer

Brauereigasthof Schöre, Tettnang
Here they produce everything themselves, even the beer. Roast pork and sausage salad from their own livestock, pasta from their own grain, vegetables from the field, schnapps from the house distillery. And as a major grower of hops, the Bentele family also brews its own beer. A cozy traditional restaurant. The Schöre is located right on the highway from Tettnang to Wangen.

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Beer Garden with Lake View

Krone, Raderach
Hidden in the hinterland, this village inn features one of the most iconic beer gardens around. Sitting under the chestnut trees, you can enjoy great lake views, delicious country food, cold beer and regional wines. It’s equally enjoyable to sit in the solarium with its panoramic views or in the quaint tavern with its regulars’ table and “Hunters’ Nook.”

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Maximum Swabian

Der Adler, Oberdorf
Located in the hinterland behind Langenargen, this stately inn has been around since 1770 and time seems to have stood still here, but that’s the idea: the Adler offers old Swabian specialties like ox-muzzle salad as well as breaded cutlets with potato-cucumber salad. The food tastes like it did in grandma’s kitchen, and the tavern looks as it did in grandpa’s times. In the 80s, the Adler was also the setting for a beloved German TV series.

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