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21.06.2023 - 23.06.2023

Hall 8 - Academy Stage


The EUROBIKE ACADEMY will take place from Wednesday, June 21 to Friday, June 23, 2023 in Hall 8 on the ACADEMY Stage. With free lectures, presentations and workshops, this year's EUROBIKE ACADEMY will once again provide interesting insights on the topics of technology, marketing, product developments and trends around the topics bicycles and mobility

The lectures are aimed at bicycle manufacturers and dealers, product developers and designers, municipalities, and other bicycle enthusiasts. The expert presentations will draw attention to the latest trends and regulations in the bicycle industry and show tips and tricks for companies to use them to their advantage.

Trends & Change 

Micromobility is subject to constant change. New developments, new legal regulations, new demand priorities. All of this can seem overwhelming. However, the presentations at the EUROBIKE ACADEMY will provide clarity in precisely these areas. Whether it's new safety regulations or trend-specific developments, the speakers will show the latest status and explain how bicycle companies can face the new challenges.


For some time now, but especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly important for companies to have a solid online presence. Selling online products is more than just having a website. It requires contact with customers just as much as selling in a store. Speakers from various marketing fields will explain which tools and strategies are useful and how companies can present themselves online in a sustainable and fast-growing way.

Digital & Technology 

The bicycle industry has been facing the challenges of new technologies and digital requirements. From bicycle frames from 3D printers to four-wheeled e-bikes. In recent months, several technological projects have caused quite a stir. Yet bicycle development is still in its infancy. The EUROBIKE ACADEMY reports on the latest technological developments and digital solutions, but also looks at the sustainability and future-proofness of modern technologies.


Wednesday 21.06



10:00-10:45 U.S. certification requirements for micromobility products (English)
Frank Stegmann (UL Solutions) Recently introduced U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations and NY city law urge for third-party product safety certification. Join UL Solutions Frank Stegmann to gain insights into certification requirements for the U.S, focused on UL 2849 and UL2271 standards and other regulated aspects, like wireless and energy efficiency.  
11:00-11:45 Designing the future of mobility (English)
Christian Zanzotti (Zanzotti Industrial Design) Christian Zanzotti talks about the role of design in the micro mobility sector and gives an insight of the studios approach to product design and product development.
12:00:12:45 Breaking the rules for titanium – new possibilities with ColdMetalFusion (English)
Christian Fischer (Headmade) Thanks to the ColdMetalFusion technology, titanium is becoming more affordable and is suddenly an option for mass production in the bike market. ColdMetalFusion (CMF) is Headmade’s sinter-based metal 3D printing technology. It’s uniting the sintering industry with additive manufacturing. Come and visit our lecture and learn how the CMF process is already used in the bike market today to produce sleeves, pedals, spare parts and more.
14:00-14:45 Plan F - Impulses for bicycling mobility (German)
Carolin Kruse (Fair Spaces) Plan F supports municipalities in promoting cycling. For this purpose, the nine fields of action for the promotion of cycling were elaborated. Existing knowledge in the form of guidelines and practical examples was processed. The examples address target group-specific characteristics. In this way, municipalities receive an overview and concrete options for action to promote cycling.
15:00-15:45 Smaller Communities = More Revenue
Frederik Gottschling (Handelsverband
Hessen e.V.)

The fewer people our offer reaches, the more will buy. How can you create more revenue with a smaller group? In which the offer fits much better to the target group and you build a more intense relationship with the costumers. This helps the promotion of recurring purchases, bigger shopping baskets and recommendations. In his impulse talk, Frederik Gottschling from - the digitalization campaign of the Hessen Trade Association - will talk about how you can succeed in making more sales with a more pointed target group and noticeably stand out from the competition.

16:00-16:45 Aerodynamic Simulations for cycling (English)
Wouter Remmerie (Airshaper) This presentation covers the basics of cycling aerodynamics, details how to run aerodynamic simulations in the cloud and showcases real life examples for customers like Decathlon.

Thursday 22.06



10:00-10:45 Strategic branding and sustainable growth for cycling brands - Selling successfully on Amazon (German)
Alexander Döring (Movesell) By now Amazon is available in over 20 countries. Consequently its influence is immense. That is way cycling brands need to ask themselves how they can use the platform from themselves. In this talk we will show insights into Amazon categories and with use of best practices we will explain how cycling brands can grow strategically and sustainably on Amazon.
11:00-11:45 Marketplaces as sales drivers - your successful B2C and D2C strategy for Kaufland Global Marketplace (English)
Jakob Scheidel (Kaufland e-commerce) Marketplaces offer a great opportunity to broaden your positioning as a seller or manufacturer. Jakob Scheidel - International Sales Manager - reveals what is important when selling on the marketplace and provides insights into the sports category. Find out why should not be missing in your e-commerce strategy and how you can successfully implement your plans.
12:00-12:45 From idea to series production  - Advantages of additive manufacturing for the bike industry (English)
Philip Buchholz & Simone Cannella (Materialise GmbH) The acceleration of the adoption of Additive Manufacturing in the bicycle industry will be the focus of this presentation. What are the drivers and challenges when adopting 3D printing. How to get from rapid prototyping to series production with various materials. Visualized by actual cases within the bike industry, as well as other related industries.
14:00-17:00 The bicycle and its neighbours: Ecosystem fine-mobility (German)
Konrad Otto-Zimmermann (The Urban Idea) Means of transport in the sports and leisure sector, small electric vehicles, so-called wheelchairs, light electric vehicles, and e-mini-cars. To facilitate the turnaround away from the automobile gigantomania towards a disarmament in traffic, we must understand and shape fine-mobility as an ecosystem of different means of transport so that fine-mobility is accessible and usable for everyone.
Manufacturers, retailers, mobility experts, city and traffic planers and traffic lawyers are discussing the question why the bicycle and its neighbours shouldn’t be seen as competitors but as complementary means of transportation in the fine-mobility sector. 

Friday 23.06



10:00:10:45 Leveraging First Party data in a Cookieless World (English)
Wyatt Wees (Velo Media) With increased privacy features on platforms like Apple’s iOs, and Google moving away from third party cookies, first party data is more relevant than ever. I will discuss how companies can leverage first party data (ex. emails, purchase history, customer behavior) to increase loyalty and sales.
11:00-11:45 The new EU product safety law will be a game changer (English)
Rutger Oldenhuis (RecallDesk) Last December, the text of the long-awaited EU General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR) was finalized, which will replace the outdated EU General Product Safety Directive. The GPSR is expected to come into force by the end of 2024. The ink has yet to dry, but one thing is certain: selling consumer products in the EU will never be the same. This lecture helps you to be prepared.
12:00-13:15 1. Simulation of LEV Batterie
2. Technology and business model development of Battery as-a-service (BaaS) for E-micromobilit
3. Battery Quality and Safety Management for eBikes (English)
Gordon Ye, Mo-Hua Yang und Kevin Wu  (Greenway) In three different lectures the presenters talk about the design and development of Lithium-ion batteries for light electric vehicles (LEV) and batteries as an energy storage device that can be the “game changer” as Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) business model to support the service business model of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) and Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS). This is followed by the last topic on Greenway’s TQM quality system with the intention to satisfy constumer requirements in battery performance and manufacturing efficiency. 
14:00-16:00 1. How to fix E-bike Battery Safety: A Must-Attend for Technical Managers 2. Smart MCs improve riding experience: An eye-opener for product/marketing managers
2. Smart MCs improve riding experience: An eye-opener for product/marketing managers (English)
James Post & Tarun Bajaj - ECOpro Technology BV In an exciting and informative afternoon, James Post will talk about the safety of e-bike batteries. Even basic BMSs (should) recognize when safety is compromised: e.g. cell over-charging, too high charge & other factors leading to over-temperature. BMSs typically fail by improper protection; common with low-end BMSs. James gives insight + concrete solutions for this problem. Furthermore James Post and Tarun Bajaj will explain glimpse of how progress in integrated circuits and software computation will make motor controllers smarter, boost motor efficiency (lower noise & wear – making cooling obsolete).  


Frank Stegmann - UL Solutions

Frank Stegmann is an experienced account executive at UL Solution. Frank has been working with UL Solutions for 18 years and has more than 20 years of experience within the field of testing and certification for consumer electronics, batteries and micromobility.

Further information on UL Solutions can be found here.

Christian Zanzotti - Zanzotti Industrial Design

Christian Zanzotti is the founder of ZANZOTTI INDUSTRIAL DESIGN. The work of the studio ranges from automotive and mobility to furniture, consumer goods and lifestyle products for international clients such as unu Motors, Äike or Mate.Bike.

Further information on Zazotti Industrial Design can be found here.

Christian Fischer - Headmade

Christian Fischer started his career in the automotive industry as a process engineer. Together with his co-founder Christian Staudigel, they developed the ColdMetalFusion Technology at the SKZ research lab. Headmade Materials was founded from this idea. Today, he is managing director at Headmade and supports customers in finding the perfect business case by using ColdMetalFusion (CMF).

Further information on Headmade can be found here.

Carolin Kruse - fair spaces

Carolin Kruse is managing director at fair spaces. She has been working in mobility consulting for several years in consultancy, research and as an auditor. She works for municipalities with the goal of creating equitable and sustainable mobility.

Further information on fair spaces can be found here.

Wouter Remmerie - Airshaper

With a background in mechanical engineering, fluid dynamics and wind tunnel testing, Wouter Remmerie founded AirShaper in 2015, a fully automated platform for aerodynamic simulations.

Further information on Airshaper can be found here.

Alexander Döring - Movesell

Alexander Döring advises medium-sized and large companies on their Amazon performance at MOVESELL. International brands such as Vaude, Dunlop and Powerbar rely on the expertise and software-driven approach of the Kiel-based agency. Alexander Döring is an expert in analyses, strategies and marketing services and also has extensive knowledge and many years of experience in e-commerce.

Further information on Movesell can be found here.

Jakob Scheidel - Kaufland Global Marketplace

After completing his Master's degree in International Trade and Business, Jakob has already gained more than three years of experience in the marketplace and e-commerce segment. At Kaufland Global Marketplace, Jakob is responsible for the acquisition, onboarding and optimization of new international sellers.

Further information on Kaufland Global Marketplace can be found here.

Wyatt Wees - Velo Media 

Wyatt has extensive experience in marketing and e-commerce in the cycling industry. He is a strategic marketing consultant with a passion for helping cycling businesses grow. Furthermore he was a co-founder of the iconic cycling brand Cinelli's sister company, which he exited in 2021.

Further information on Velo Media can be found here.

Rutger Oldenhuis - RecallDesk

Rutger Oldenhuis LLM is an independent experienced and seasoned business lawyer. He advises clients in a variety of legal areas and specializes in product safety and compliance related matters. He is founder of RecallDesk, a one-stop-shop service provider in the field of product recalls.

Further information on RecallDesk can be found here.

Gordon Ye - Greenway

CTO of Greenway-Battery; Former R&D Head/Director of Forsee Power, XALT Energy, Boston Power, and Chief Engineer of Battery for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Stellantis) APAC; With 10+ years’ experience in traction battery industry.

Further information on Greenway can be found here.

Mo-Hua Yang - Greenway

Senior expert ExtraEnergy Consulting; Ph.D. in Chemistry at Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, Deputy Director of Energy Storage Materials and Technology Division of ITRI, Taiwan Over 20 years experiences in EV battery development; 120+ publications, 15 patents and 60+ conferences presentations; Driver of standardization of battery safety & communication protocol in charging infrastructure for LEVs; Currently vice president of BATSO e.V. & president of EnergyBus e.V., Germany.

Further information on Greenway can be found here.

Kevin Wu - Greenway

Chief Operation Officer of Greenway battery; Over 25 years in manufacturing industry, incl. 10 years at Siemens; Former ASQ (American Society for Quality) Chief representative in China, DBA of EU Business School, Switzerland; PhD Beijing Normal University, China; Master Computer Science, York University, England Guest Professor of Nanjing University & others.

Further information on Greenway can be found here.

James Post - ECOPro Technology

E-bike battery & electronics expert James Post is particularly useful for second opinions on current and future designs; as well as coaching. He is a regular publisher: (click website), and lecturer at battery conferences in USA, China, Israel & Europe –Eurobike Academy every year since 2014. Meet him at Eurobike stand L06 - Hall 9. 

Read James' newest article here.

Tarun Bajaj  - ECOPro Technology

After a Master’s degree in sustainable transport & electric power systems he worked at leading e-transport companies, including Bianchi. As technical director of hi-tech electronics ECOpro Technology BV his focus is on implementing complex tasks in the most energy-efficient & cost-effective fashion. Meet him at Eurobike stand L06 - Hall 9.

Konrad Otto-Zimmermann - The Urban Idea GmbH

Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, creative director, The Urban Idea GmbH, Freiburg. Trend-detector, trailblazer, developer, initiator, manager, speaker, author.

City planer and administrative scientist with leading professional stations at the Federal Environmental Agency, the city of Freiburg and the World Cities Association for sustainable development, ICLEI.

He initiated and led the first German model project “Bicycle friendly city” und the “EcoMobility World Festivals” and he coined the term “Umweltverbund”. He is protagonist of fine mobility as mobility on foot and by means of transport in the spectrum between shoe and car".

Find out more about Light Electric Mobility here

Frederik Gottschling - Handelsverband Hessen e.V.

Frederik Gottschling works for Handelsverband Hessen e.V. and is an independent creative strategist with over 15 years of professional experience. His core topics are content marketing, employer branding and personal branding. In his work, he looks at the creation of content (video, audio, image & text) with a view to the strategic direction of a company or an individual. He shows entrepreneurs which conclusions they can draw from the communication with their target groups for their positioning and communication. As a speaker and coach he supports people with a mission to be seen and heard with their message.

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