A successful start of the season for the bicycle and e-bike industry

An assessment of the business climate for the 1st half of 2019 - Bicycle industry association (Zweirad-Industrie-Verband e.V.)

Germans own more than 75 million bicycles, 4.5 million of which are e-bikes. All model groups are now available with or without electric support, whether city or touring bike, racing bike, mountain bike, single-speed or recumbent bike. A look at Germany’s roads clearly shows that bicycles and e-bikes are very popular mobility solutions.

The market trends in the German bicycle and e-bike industry in recent years show that enthusiasm for cycling is also expressed in the key figures. Perfect weather conditions came together recently to provide a successful year for the business in 2018.

Bike and e-bike market data

By contrast, the weather in the first half of 2019 was somewhat more changeable than in the previous year. The bicycle industry association nevertheless believes that some 2.93 million bicycles and e-bikes were sold between January and June, representing an increase of around 3.2%.

Production increased again too. In the first six months, 1.47 million vehicles were manufactured, which corresponds to an increase of approx. 4.6%.

Overall, it can be assumed that sales of bicycles, e-bikes, components and accessories also increased in Q1/Q2 2019. The bicycle industry association anticipates slight growth compared to the same period last year.

According to figures from Germany’s Federal Statistical Office, imports of bicycles and

e-bikes increased by some 6.1% in the analysis period. E-bikes as a proportion of imports were a good 26%.

Exports of bicycles and e-bikes also grew significantly. Between January and June, the export volume rose by just under 14.1%. E-bikes accounted for some 36% of exports.

E-bike sales again rose substantially

While the market for bicycles without electric support stabilized at a good level in recent years, the e-bike is continuing its growth trajectory in 2019. The bicycle industry association estimates that some 920,000 e-bikes were sold through retailers in the first half of 2019. The industry therefore anticipates more than 1.1 million vehicles being sold in 2019 as a whole, which would correspond to double-digit growth of around 12%.

The bicycle keeps up with the times

Great importance is placed on bicycles today in the media, in society, and among consumers. The German and international bicycle industry’s innovative power and product quality thrill customers and have ensured that the market for bicycles, e-bikes, components, and accessories has been setting sales records again and again for years.

There are also other factors responsible for the bicycle’s success. Bicycles and e-bikes offer solutions to many important societal challenges today and in the future, such as by reducing traffic jams and emissions as well as by improving quality of life and the attractiveness of cities and municipalities.   

The bicycle is also the most efficient means of transport. They help reduce travel and infrastructure costs and promote healthy and active individual mobility. In addition, the e-bike makes it possible to cover much greater distances and opens cycling to new user groups with its wide range of models.

In cities, (electric) cargo bikes are already an environmentally friendly and space-saving alternative to private cars and motorized delivery traffic. For many cities and municipalities, this is worth a subsidy in the form of purchase incentives, and the federal government also provides grants for the purchase of e-bikes for commercial use.

Cycling and e-bikes are opening up new potential avenues in tourism as well – especially in the growing sector of sustainable travel.

Siegfried Neuberger, Managing Director of the German bicycle industry association: “The German bicycle industry can look back on a very good first half-year again this year. The products of the German and international bicycle industry are once again inspiring consumers. Positive development in the industry is supported by services such as leasing of company bikes, digital offers, and innovative business concepts relating to all aspects of cycling. We are able to stride into the future with confidence and look forward to future bicycle and e-bike trends.”

The bicycle industry association (Zweirad-Industrie-Verband e.V.) is the national advocacy organization and service provider of the German and international bicycle industry. Its members include manufacturers and importers of bicycles, e-bikes, bicycle components, and accessories.

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