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10:00h - 13:00h 

Hall 8 - Future Mobility Forum, Yellow Stage


The Start-Up & Innovation Day on June 22nd, 2023 at EUROBIKE in Frankfurt will once again provide a platform for the bicycle industry, investors, developers, product designers and start-ups for inspiration, knowledge exchange and networking.


Hello Future. How is the bicycle becoming the primary means of everyday transportation? How is the future of the bicycle evolving? What is the position of the bicycle in micromobility with the development of new types of vehicles, (digital) services and necessary infrastructure? How do we manage to work better together within the industry, i.e. between start-ups and SMEs, but also with non-industry players, municipalities and science? What are the current challenges for innovation in the bicycle industry? At the Start-Up and Innovation Day (SUI) at EUROBIKE, the future products, services and business models of the bicycle sector will be discussed.

The Start-Up and Innovation Day will take place live at EUROBIKE in the middle of Hall 8, physically connected to the Start-Up Area. It provides a platform for inspiration and knowledge transfer in the cycling industry. It focuses on new developments in the areas investment, development, products, (digital) solutions and Start-Ups. Following the principle of “Here to learn, Here to innovate, Here to network”, this format provides variety, know-how, innovation and networking. Therefore, the Start-Up & Innovation Day is the one of the most forward-thinking and most innovative formats at EUROBIKE 2023 and provides a stage for future-oriented thoughts. 

The Start-Up & Innovation Day has two focus areas:

Green and Circular Tech:

In a world that is faced with the challenges of climate change, sustainable solutions are needed. Transformative energy is thus driven by green and circular technologies. Bicycles are a sustainable means of transportation and on the way to becoming a sustainable product. The Start-Up & Innovation Day shows exactly those solutions and pays attention to the best and most sustainable technologies.

Digitalisation and Smart City:

The Start-Up & Innovation Day stands for creation and empowerment of resilient, climate-neutral and connected cities that are worth living in and inclusive. Intelligent, digital systems are solving the mobility problems of tomorrow and this in cooperation between companies and municipalities, with a view to the different means of transportation.


Start-Up & Innovation Day Speakers

Falk Siegel - Kelta

Falk Siegel is CEO and Co-founder of Kleta, a start-up that is facilitating the switch to bikes as a daily transport method in urban areas. Falk has significant experience in the national and international start-up ecosystem, holding various positions in the areas of marketing and strategy. In 2020 Falk founded Kleta, jointly with Diego Casabe, which has more than +3000 active subscribers and so far has raised more than +4M€.  

Further information on Falk Siegel can be found here

Julian Wiebke, Jonas Engelhardt and Maximilian Klyk - Inflabi 

Julian Wiebke is responsible for the business strategy and the sales part at Inflabi. On the side, he operated online stores and founded an agency specializing in marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation. 

Jonas Engelhardt developed an integrated handbike from idea to market in cooperation with one of the leading recumbent bike manufacturers and is active as an independent freelancer in the marketing field. At Inflabi he is responsible for the user experience of the helmet, branding and product development.  

Maximilian Klyk is a designer, engineer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Inflabi. After studying industrial design and mechanical engineering and with some experience in the development of sports equipment, Maximilian Klyk founded the bike helmet startup Inflabi together with two friends.  

Further information about Inflabi can be found hier.

Ralf Busse - mocci | CIP Mobility Gmbh   

Ralf Busse studied international business administration and completed a Siemens Inhouse Trainee Program. After various positions within Siemens AG, including at the national company in Brazil, Ralf Busse joined the CIP GROUP in 2008. As part of his responsibility for the Business Development department, CIP MOBILITY GMBH was founded with the brand mocci©. The company deals with innovative SMART PEDAL VEHICLE (SPV) solutions in the field of B2B micromobility.

Further information on Ralf Busse can be found here.

Claus-Dieter Schilling - Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG   

Claus-Dieter Schilling has 35 years of experience in the bike industry. Since April 2023 he works at Schaeffler Sales e-Mobility (Free Drive & Power Wheel) in the areas pedelec, e-Cargo, commercial vehicles. Since 2007 he works at Schaeffler Business Dev. & KAM Bike & Sports with a focus on bikes & e-Bike, Sports, micromobility. Before that he was Productmanager "Comfort-Bike components" at SRAM GmbH and manager-director for technical customer service bike components at Sachs AG and SRAM GmbH. 

Further information on Claus-Dieter Schilling can be found here

Jürgen Ganser - HEINZMANN GmbH & Co. KG

Jürgen Ganser is Head of Business Unit Electric Drives at HEINZMANN. HEINZMANN is a renowned and experienced manufacturer of electric drives up to 35 kW and has established itself as a leading provider and system supplier for electric drive applications. In addition to the design of the electric motors, the range of services also includes the entire project planning for the customer-specific adaptation of the motors as well as the system integration of controllers.

Further information on HEINZMANN can be found here

Annarita Leserri - PinBike

Annarita is a Project Manager, Communication and Dissemination Manager at Pin Bike. After her Masters' at King's College London, her job positions have dealt with sustainable mobility, smart cities, and European local governance. In Pin Bike, her projects deal with nudging travel behavioural change, active mobility, and local economic development in smart cities.

Further information on Annarita Lessari can be found here.

Mario Schmitz - IoT Venture GmbH   

Mario Schmitz is head of business development at IoT Venture GmbH and helps well-known e-bike OEMs to implement their IoT strategies. His enthusiasm for creative mobility solutions and focus on close collaboration are core to his work. He is convinced that data from IoT devices makes a decisive contribution to the mobility revolution.

Further information on Mario Schmitz can be found here.

Sebastian Hofer - The New Institute 

Sebastian is a curious and attentive innovator with many years of diverse professional experience in the field of Micromobility and Mobility-as-a-Service. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the TU Munich, which led him to design bicycles and bicycle related products and digital service. Prior to THE NEW INSTITUTE he built an Innovation Consultancy called freifahrt, hosted a podcast and published articles on mobility culture.  

Further information on Sebastian Hofer can be found here.

Jayu Yang - GRØNBLÅ

GrØnblå represents the visionary Jayu Yang and Shu Yang, PhD, using there long experience from working in both in dustry and science to reduce the human carbon footprint on earth. With more than 20 years of experience in the cycling sector, Jayu and Shu Yang realised, while bicycles support a green environment, its production is harmful. With the foundation of GrØnblå in 2021, they want to reduce the plastic about 100% from the waste  form the cycling production.<u5:p></u5:p>


Further information on Jayu Yang finden can be found here.

Alexandre Vallette - GOUACH   

There is a crucial need for an upcycling loop to recycle and reuse lithium cells. Gouach is a startup with an innovative eco-design battery technology that facilitates affordable and efficient access to the recycling and reuse loop for battery manufacturers. The goal is to increase the value of recycling. Gouach emphasizes transparency and sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. European regulations mandate the adoption of a swappable-cell design, similar to Gouach's.  

Further information on GOUACH can be found here

Verónica Rodríguez García - EIT Manufacturing   

Verónica Rodríguez García is Dr. Eng. in Materials Science with 7 years of multidisciplinary academic and professional experience focused on applied research, development and innovation. She has worked in the architecture, aeronautic and energy sectors, upgrading the maturity level (TRL) of novel technologies for industrial implementation. Her current role is RIS Operation Manager at EIT Manufacturing.  

Further information on Verónica Rodríguez García can be found here

Olaf Wit - Roetz Bikes Life BV   

Olaf Wit is industrial designer, specialized on bicycle design. He has started his career at Koga and has since worked - both indepently and as an employee - for many clients within the bike industry. Apart from that he has designed and launched his own cycling products. Since he wants to devote his career to protecting materials and designing as sustainably as possible, he has joined Roetz. An Amsterdam based bicycle brand with the mission to make circularity the standard in building bikes.  

Further information on Olaf Wit can be found here


The START-UP & INNOVATION DAY will be in English with a simultaneous German translation.



Marie Gomez

A native of Mexico, with Colombian roots, Marie grew up in Nürnberg. She quit her studies in chemics for a traineeship in the radio. She has now been working in broadcasting as a presenter and editor for over 15 years and specializes in sustainability topics. In 2020, she was awarded the BLM Radio Prize for the "Green Up Your Life" section. In addition to radio, she is also active on stage and in front of the camera. 

Further information on Marie can be found here.




10:00-10:15 OPENING
Fairnamic  Welcome speech, opening, introduction to the Start-Up Innovation Day.
10:15-10:35 Keynote
Falk Siegel (KLETA) How can we secure the accessibility to bikes? Leasing bikes allows new target groups to enter the sector and opens up a new market for innovation.
10:35-11:05 Pitch

Julian Wiebke, Maximilian Klyk und Jonas Engelhardt (inflabi),
Jochum Kirsebom (COBAG),
Olaf Wit (Roetz Bikes)

WHAT'S NEW OUT THERE? All eyes on innovation regarding new products recyclability, new materials and green tech innovations.
11:05-11:15 Keynote 
Dr Veronica Rodriguez Garcia (EIT Manufacturing) Presentation of the call for proposals from EIT Manufacturing. The call for proposals is aimed at start-ups, projects and innovative ideas with a focus on accessibility for all groups of people, inclusivity and sustainability in the bicycle industry.
11:15-11:40 Keynote + Panel Moderation: Marie Gomez
Ralf Busse (Mocci),
Claus-Dieter Schilling (Schaeffler),
Jürgen Ganser (Heinzmann)
Here to innovate: Thinking outside the box – how creating a new bike thrives cooperation and innovation in the cycling market
11:40-11:50 BREAK
11:50-11:55 Keynote
Enri Chantal Shamsrizi (Innovation Manager) Sharing and collecting knowledge to enable people to benefit from it. How can innovation be supported by companies and science?
11:55-12:10 Pitch
Annarita Leserri (PinBike) How do sustainable behaviour, infrastructure planning and cycling across European cities come together? Introducing how European cities can take an active role promoting cycling through targeted incentives.
12:10-12:20 Pitch
Mario Schmitz (iot Venture), Sebastian Hofer (The New Institute) Driving innovation through data from and for cities, collecting data ie. on road safety, pollution or heat. This panel highlights how the data can be used not only in planning practices but to share, learn and create better and more secure (urban) spaces.
12:20-12:40 Panel: Moderation: Marie Gomez
Annarita Leserri (PinBike), Mario Schmitz (iot Venture), Sebastian Hofer (The New Institute) How to gather data in urban and rural areas? Working together for more sustainable cities, it takes innovative ideas. We want to discuss about the chances of data based planning practices and identifying new target groups.
12:40-13:00 Pitch

Jayu Yang (GrØnblå),
Alexandre Vallette (Gouach)

What the tech is happening? All eyes on green tech solutions and circular economy and the necessity to look at the bigger picture regarding the sustainability score of products.

Fuck Up Beers

Following the Start-Up & Innovation Day, participants are invited to come together for an entertaining Event of the EUROBIKE, the “Fuck Up Beers”. In a friendly setting, the biggest failures of Start-Ups and companies are discussed. With beer and stories about failures, we want to celebrate an open and progressive error culture. So, bring your best and grandest Fuck Up Stories with you and learn from each other’s mistakes. If you have any good stories to tell, please get in contact with


Johannes Schürle

Johannes Schürle

Project Manager Congress & Events & Trade Visitors

fairnamic GmbH


Amelie Suttner

Amelie Suttner

External Advisor

Velokonzept GmbH


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