Gravel Bikes and Adventures with bikes will be once more in the focus of the GRAVEL TALK 2023 at EUROBIKE in Frankfurt.

GRAVEL BIKE – one bike for everything

The gravel bike is at home everywhere – on-road, off-road and this year exclusively in Hall 11.1. at Eurobike. This is where the latest developments of what is probably the most versatile form of the bike will be coming together under one roof.

It all started on the endless gravel roads of the USA

Bicycles have always been ridden on stony or cobbled tracks – before asphalted roads even existed. The modern gravel bike also evolved some 15 years ago in the USA. The seemingly endless supply roads of the Midwest, known as the gravel roads, could almost have been made for long-distance races. Now the trend has arrived in Europe too, and what originated as a specialised form has now become probably the most universal bike of all.

More versatile than a road bike

In contrast to the road bike, the gravel bike doesn’t give in when the road surface deteriorates or a farm track branches off. Large-volume tyres with a light tread pattern roll astoundingly well off-road as well. Far away from the traffic noise, the gravel bike really comes into its own on quieter roads and, with its comfortable frame geometry, beckons riders to embark on long pleasurable tours. The Gravel & Adventure Area will provide a chance to experience the differences and benefits at first hand.

More efficient than a mountain bike

Travelling on dirt tracks and trails – gravel bikes are encroaching on the classic mountain bike territories. And as long as the terrain remains manageable, they perform the task rather well. They are lighter, have fast tyres that also roll well on the road and thanks to their drop handlebars offer more options for a change of grip on long rides. At EUROBIKE experts will be on hand to answer in detail any questions on the differences.

Cycling holiday light: bikepacking

Combining the broad range of applications for gravel bikes with modern bikepacking carriers produces the ultimate vehicle for tours over several days. The opportunities range from relaxed excursions into the mountains and trips to the lakeside campsite all the way to competing in self-support racing. The latter involves covering very long distances in the shortest possible time without any outside assistance. Another focus of the Gravel & Adventure Area is the equipment required for these small and large adventures.


Johannes Schürle

Johannes Schürle

Project Manager Congress & Events & Trade Visitors

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