The lastest trends and challenges for the market of cargo bikes



14:00h - 17:30h

Hall 8 - Future Mobility Forum, Yellow Stage



Politics - Security - Longtails - Commercial fleets

Modern cargo bikes and e-cargo bikes are an exciting growth market. Sales figures and model diversity are growing rapidly. New commercial and private forms of use are developing - from baby transport to heavy transport on the europallet. The Cargo Academy offers a prominent forum for professional exchange on the opportunities and challenges of the cargo bike boom.

Three topics will be our focus in 2023: safety through standardization, longtail cargo bikes and commercial cargo bike fleets. Finally, cargo bikes themselves will take to the stage: the jury of the International Cargobike of the Year Award will present this year's award candidates. You can register for the International Cargobike of the Year Award here


The CARGO ACADEMY will be in English and German with simultaneous translation.


Moderation by Arne Behrensen, Zukunft Fahrrad e.V.



14:00-14:30 Welcome and input from organisations
• Arne Behrensen, Zukunft Fahrrad e.V.:
& Martin Seißler,
• Jill Warren & Anna Karina Reibold,
ECF - European Cyclists´ Federation
• Jaron Borensztajn, Cargoroo 
Despite rising numbers: The cargo bike boom has not yet arrived everywhere. And billions of euros in government funding are being spent primarily on electric cars. What are the bicycle associations doing to help the cargo bike break through on a broader front?
14:30-15:15 Panel 1: Safety through standardization: Update on the European EN standard for cargo bikes 
• Joost Witsenburg, NEN - Netherlands 
• Erik Drießen, Urban Arrow  
• Fahad Khan, Nüwiel 
Higher loads require higher safety standards. The German industry standard DIN 79010 for cargo bikes has been in place since the beginning of 2020. A European standard EN 17860 is in the works. Members of the working group "Carrier Cycles" of the European Standardization Organization CEN, report on the status of standardization work and opportunities for participation. 
15:20-16:05 Panel 2: Longtail cargobikes: From US outsider to European bestseller

• Sandra Wolf, Riese & Müller, Geschäftsführerin     
• Benjamin Sarrazin, Yuba Bikes
• Joshua Hon, Tern Bicycles, Gründer
und Team Captain

Longtail cargobikes combine compactness with a high payload and a riding experience similar to that of a classic bicycle. Modern longtails have been popular already for a long time, especially in the USA. In the meantime, longtails are also gaining ground in Europe and are an exciting market for many bicycle manufacturers. What are the success factors? 
16:10-16:55 Panel 3: Commercial Cargobike Fleets: Challenges, trends, promotion
• Chris Dixon, PedalMe  
• Lucas Lobmeyer, New Motion Labs
• Claus Hoffmann, BAFA-Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle 
Whether in food delivery, at craft businesses or for parcel delivery: Cargobikes are increasingly used in companies and fleets. Which challenges, what kind of new business fields and which funds are availble especially for commercial cargobikes?            
17:00-17:30 Conclusion: International Carogbike of the Year: Test Days & Presentation of preselection 
• Tom Assmann & Luise Braun: Radlogistikverband Deutschland 
•Präsentation der Award-Vorauswahl : Johannes Reichel: Logistra und Juryvorsitzender und Martin Schmidt: Cycle Logistics CL und Jurymitglied 
Since 2019, the German trade magazine Logistra has presented the International Cargobike of the Year Award (CABOTY) for commercial cargo bikes and trailers. In 2023, the jury's test rides and the presentation of the nominated models will take place for the first time at Eurobike.
Manufacturers can register commercial cargo bikes and trailers for the test here



Anna-Karina Reibold - ECF: European Cyclists´ Federation

Anna-Karina Reibold is Policy and Communications Officer at the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF). She specialises in cargo bike policy and coordinates communications for the Velo-city conference. Since joining ECF in 2019, Anna-Karina has been involved in various projects, most notably the City Changer Cargo Bike Project and Cargo Bike Friendly Cities Dashboard. Anna-Karina holds a master’s degree in linguistics and cultural studies from the University of Leipzig.

Tom Assmann - Radlogistikverband Deutschland 

Dr. Tom Assmann is a research group leader at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. He and his team conduct research on sustainable logistics, cycle logistics, autonomous vehicles and logistics-integrated urban planning. He is the honorary chairman of the German Cycle Logistics Association.

Jill Warren - ECF: European Cyclists´ Federation

Jill Warren is CEO of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), a Brussels based NGO that advocates for policies, legislation and funding to enable more and better cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transport and leisure. ECF also centrally coordinates the development of the EuroVelo cycle route network and organises Velo-city, the premier annual summit for cycling planning and promotion. Prior to joining ECF in 2020, Jill spent over 20 years in progressively senior roles at major international law firms. A US and Dutch national, Jill hails from the Chicago area and has spent the past 30+ years living and working in Europe. She holds an MBA from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Jill is an avid every day and recreational cyclist who enjoys exploring the world by bicycle. 

Joost Witsenburg - NEN - Netherlands

Joost Witsenburg works at NEN, the Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute. He is the project manager of the European standardization working group on Carrier Cycles, CEN/TC 333/WG 9. In this role he helps technical experts draft a total of seven European standards on carrier cycles. These will make carrier cycles safer, support international trade and provide transparency to users and the market.

Sandra Wolf - Riese & Müller

Dr Sandra Wolf is a Managing Partner of Riese & Müller alongside Heiko Müller and responsible for the strategic direction of the company. The PhD-qualified economist focuses on structural and HR work, the brand perception of Riese & Müller, the challenges of the mobility of the future and the company’s sustainability strategy.

Erik Driessen - Urban Arrow  

Erik Driessen is design & development manager at Urban Arrow and with a background in product development, Erik Driessen has experience in both technical implications for the products as experience with how users interact and perceive products. Erik Driessen is convenor for the working group (WG9) on the carrier cycles (cargobikes) within CEN/TC333.

Claus Hoffmann - BAFA-Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle 

Claus Hoffmann is head of Unit 525, where he deals with refrigeration and air conditioning technology at BAFA. He graduated in economics from the University of Heidelberg in 1987. Following that, he worked in management positions with different focal points. Since 1990, he has been working at BAFA, where he has been responsible for grant procedures/grant law and administration of funding programs in the fields of energy, energy efficiency and climate protection since 2016.

Joshua Hon - Tern Bicycles

Joshua Hon is a Founder and Team Captain at Tern Bicycles where the mission is to build better bicycles for transportation. Tern believes that switching car trips to bike trips is the best way for us to reduce carbon emissions. Founded in 2011, Tern specializes in the design and manufacture of electric, cargo, and folding bicycles and sells its products in 40+ countries. Tern’s Give Back program donates 1% of annual profits to organizations fighting to improve sustainability, equitability, and livability in our communities. Joshua earned his Master's degree in Organizational Behavior from Stanford University and went on to work at one of Silicon Valley's leading marketing firms.


Fahad Khan - Nüwiel 

Fahad Khan is a co-founder and managing director of Nüwiel GmbH, an electric trailer manufacturing company based in Hamburg, Germany. At Nüwiel, he is responsible for technology and product development. For the European standardization working group on Carrier Cycles, CEN/TC 333/WG 9, he leads the 'cargo trailers' team for creating standards for electric & non-electric cargo trailers to help promote consistency, safety, and transparency throughout this market segment.

Luise Braun - Radlogistikverband Deutschland

Luise Braun is project manager of the BMDV-funded project iKnowRadlogistik on behalf of the German Cycle Logistics Association. She studied transportation planning and has already been active in bike logistics for several years. Having started her career with a renowned cargo bike manufacturer, she joined RLVD in February 2023 as project manager. Together with the consortium partners HOLM and, she is working on the various work packages within the project and is responsible for processing the project results. Additional focus is on the areas of networking, research and association work.

Christopher Dixon - PedalMe

Chris is a co-founder of Pedal Me, and built their in-house training program with James Holloway, before its launch with City & Guilds Assured. Both Chris and Pedal Me are core participants in the Bicycle Association project to draft a UK cargo bike rider training standard.
He chairs the Cargo Bike Logistics Group at Cycling Industries Europe.

Johannes Reichel - Logistra

Johannes Reichel is editor and head of test+technik-department at LOGISTRA and co-editor in chief at VISION mobility, publications of HUSS-VERLAG. Furthermore the studied sustainability manager represents Germany in the Jury „International Van of the Year“. In 2015 established LOGISTRA City Check, sequel for sustainable City-Logistics. Additionally in 2019 he founded the „International Cargobike of the Year“ to encourage innovation in the growing segment of commercial cargobikes.

Lucas Lobmeyer - New Motion Labs

Lucas is Co-Founder & Head of Sales at New Motion Labs. Throughout his international career as a mechanical engineer Lucas worked at companies like Bosch & Apple before, in 2019, co-founding New Motion Labs in London.
The development of the revolutionary Enduo technology and international investment led to worldwide patents. Lucas is now responsible the German subsidy of New Motion Labs.

Martin Schmidt - Cycle Logistics CL

Cyclist at heart, logistician in profession. Bikes have always played a major role in Martin Schmidt's life. He has been on the road as a bike logistics specialist for six years and as a bike mechanic for three years. The entrepreneur knows the jobs from the ground up and knows about courier life on the road as well as the management issues to survive in the young and emerging bike logistics industry. Martin Schmidt is a founding member and board member of the German Bike Logistics Association and, as a cargo bike expert, is represented on European committees.

Benjamin Sarrazin - Yuba Bikes

Outdoor sport enthusiast and adventurer at heart, Benjamin Sarrazin founded Yuba Bikes over 15 years ago to better the planet by promoting the bicycle as an efficient transportation tool. A pioneer of the longtail cargo bike, Yuba combines functionality, sustainability, and fun in our daily lives.

Martin Seißler -

Martin Seißler has been in the cargo bike business for 10 years. From 2013 to 2019 he has been founer and CEO of the Berlin based cycling logistician "Velogista". 2018 he became co-founder of the Cycling Logistics Association Germany (RLVD) and since then he has been head of conferences there. At the end of 2020 he co-founded, a mobility transformation agency and project company dedicated to the cargobike. He is the managing director of the company, which now has 13 employees.


Jaron Borensztajn - Cargoroo 

Jaron Borensztajn grew up in Amsterdam. He studied computer science in the 80-ies and co-founded a consultancy and software company towards the end of the 90-ies specializing in Business Intelligence. From 2008 he invested and participated in several startups and gave advice to new starters. Living in Amsterdam with 3 kids he was an early adopter of the cargo bike, at the time without electric support. When his co-founder Jelle approached him in 2017 with the idea of starting an electric cargo bike sharing company he did not hesitate for a second and that’s how Cargoroo got started.
Our mission with Cargoroo is to make cities liveable again by offering users a fun, sustainable, healthy and efficient alternative for using the car within the city. 



Arne Behrensen

Arne Behrensen

External Advisor - Cargo Bike

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Gabriele Commisso

Gabriele Commisso

External Advisor - Cargo Bike GmbH

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Johannes Schürle

Project Manager Congress & Events & Trade Visitors

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