Ways to a job around the bike


The bicycle industry is booming, but what about young talent? In order to support companies in their search for trainees and young professionals in times of a shortage of skilled workers, EUROBIKE is establishing a platform for career opportunities in the bicycle and mobility sector together with the bicycle service association Verbund Service Fahrrad (VSF). Workshops, training sessions and shows in a glass workshop as well as panels and presentations on the big stage are just as much a part of the CAREER CENTER as the job wall.


In cooperation with Verbund Service Fahrrad (VSF) EUROBIKE is establishing a platform for career opportunities in the bicycle and mobility sector.

Getting an overview: entry into the bicycle industry

At the EUROBIKE CAREER CENTER in Hall 12.0, Foyer West, interested visitors will be able to get an overview of the different ways to enter the bicycle industry - for example, via a specialist training program, a career change, studies, further training or internships. The career field itself is just as diverse as the entry options: From the classic bicycle mechatronics engineer to product design, sales, traffic planning, engineering and marketing, almost anything is possible in terms of bicycles - many opportunities for lateral and career changers.



Model workshop instead of gray theory

Two-wheel mechanic - this is often the first profession that people associate with the bicycle industry. And of course, visitors to the EUROBIKE CAREER CENTER can find out exactly what this training path entails. In the case of the bicycle mechatronics technician, it lasts three and a half years. The apprentices learn to maintain, repair, convert or manufacture bicycles, provide advice and sell bicycles and accessories. Since connectivity is playing an increasingly important role in bicycles, specializations in the area of pedelecs and digitalization are promising for the future. Anyone who already likes the theory of this profession, for example, can take a first look at the practical side of things at EUROBIKE. In Hall 12.0, Foyer West, the VSF is setting up a model workshop where you can watch master two-wheel mechatronics technicians at work, and where workshops and lectures will also be held.

Incidentally, one of the industry's major concerns is also to get more women interested in the industry. Several female mechanics from the workshops will report on their experiences. 


Learn more and network

That's why throughout EUROBIKE, experts will be offering further, in-depth insights into the topic of the bike industry job market with presentations such as "Women in the Bike Industry", "Basic Workshop Training", "Successful Selling" and other lectures from the field will provide deep insights into the bike industry job market. Interested parties can not only take advantage of the lectures and workshops to find out about their dream job in the bike industry, but above all have the opportunity to make direct personal contacts and expand their personal network, for example, during the EUROBIKE CAREER CENTER's continuing education offerings and, of course, during conversations at the trade show booths.


Further information regarding the topics and the daily schedule will follow soon.