The biathlon of cycling


23 June 2023, Open-Air Grounds F10

What actually fits on a bicycle? Water crate, car tires, bulky poster roll? And what does it all have to do with cycling?


At the same time that cargo bikes are reclaiming the metropolises, cargo bike races are becoming increasingly popular. In contrast to classic road races, it is not only strength and endurance that count here, but also skill and a sense of proportion. At the Cargobike EuroCup the luggage has to be loaded or unloaded in each lap of the short sprint course - gripping scenes for the audience, which is directly involved in the racing action. But if you're expecting professional sport, you'll be proven wrong: these races are events by and for the Cargobike community and a pleasure for all participants. 

You want to take part? The Cargobike EuroCup will be held in many different disciplines, more information about the registration will follow soon.