At EUROBIKE, some of the most innovative products in the mobility industry were honored as part of the INNOVATORS PRIZE.

Winners of the INNOVATORS PRIZE 2022

With the premiere of the EUROBIKE location in Frankfurt, the awarding of prizes for outstanding products was also completely rethought. From 180 entries, the online public selected three favorites in each of five categories with more than 50,000 votes cast. The categories were: Bikes, Components, Accessories, Services and Infrastructure. As part of the START-UP & INNOVATION DAY on EUROBIKE Thursday, the excitement grew. On site, all finalists had the chance to convince the top-class jury, which finally chose the winners.

Category Bicycles

Category: Bicycles - Podbike Frikar

“Podbike Frikar e-bike is a new generation of e-bike that is fully enclosed and street-worthy. Finally, a bike that gives you the freedom to ride comfortable 365 days a year. Room for cargo or your child.”

Jury Statement

"The Podbike Frikar creates new mobility. Good philosophy with useful implementation"

Product name: Podbike® FRIKAR® e-bike

Company: Podbike

Description of product:

We are removing excuses for using your car to help fight the climate crisis. We provide the world with the most sustainable solutions for short-distance personal mobility with massive positive feedback globally. Offering an attractive and practical e-bike to replace cars for your daily commute. Podbike Frikar e-bike is a fully enclosed and street-worthy. It gives you the freedom to ride comfortably 365 days a year. What sets us apart. A unique combination of: A comfortable ride. Room for cargo or your child.Resource and energy consumption.And, we introduce the fun factor back into your commute. With our connected bike and app we will introduce solutions to simplify your daily life.


Category Components

Category: Components - Mahle X20 System

The lightest, ultra-compact smart system that creates a full range of new riding possibilities, while making eBikes look & feel indistinguishable from regular bikes. The system delivers the best support at any cadence, whether racing at top speeds or climbing up mountains.

Jury Statement:

"Ultralight solution - Good approach away from more and more torque and range."

Product name: MAHLE X20 System

Company: MAHLE

Description of product: 

X20 is the new benchmark eBike HUB Drive system on the market. Based on a drive unit weighing only 1.4 Kg, it includes fantastic innovations which make it the first system designed for performance on roads, urban and gravel. The system features an automatic motor connection, thru axle, 13S compatibility or interchangeable freewheel, making this motor „a standard rear hub“. It is complemented by 2 lightweight 250 Wh or 350 Wh inner batteries which can be extended with a 180 Wh Range Extender. The HMI solution with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can take full control of the ride, and the new bottom bracket torque & cadence sensor is compatible with standard groupsets.


Category Accessories

Category: Accessories - Groove Tool Pro

"The water-resistant Groove Tool Pro is a lightweight multitool with a CNC-machined alloy casing. It houses 8 nickel-plated bits, a chain breaker and storage for chain links. Magnets and two ports allow for easy storage & versatile positional use. "

Jury Statement:

"Groove Tool Pro completely rethinks the status quo."

Product name: Groove Tool Pro

Company: Ryder Innovation/Omnico (Pyt) Ltd.

Description of product :

The Groove Tool’s unique ergonomic shape and design make it an essential riding tool for every cyclist. 8 tools, a chain breaker and chain links are enclosed in a CNC alloy casing which protects the parts from outside elements.Magnets hold the tools in position when used in the 2 available ports. This versatility allows users to access difficult-to-reach bolts with ease. The patented Slyder System allows for easy on-bike storage and ccessibility.Besides being highly functional, the Groove Tool Pro is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.


Category Service & Service Solutions

Category: Service & Service Solutions- Schwalbe Recycling System

"A milestone: Schwalbe turns used bicycle tires into new ones! Schwalbe is the first company in the world to develop an innovative recycling process and thus offers a unique ecological alternative to the previous incineration of used tires.”

Jury Statement

"Great contribution to circular economy, Schwalbe has the market power to make it work“

Product name: Schwalbe Recycling System 

Company: Schwalbe

Description of product:Old tires are turned into new ones again: Previously, used bicycle tires ended up in the incinerator, but now they can be reused for the manufacture of new Schwalbe products. Almost 30 years of research and development have gone into the innovative process, which began in the 1990s with the pressing of rubber mats from shredded old tires. However, the new Schwalbe Recycling System® no longer has anything to do with the "downcycling" of that time: Schwalbe, together with its partners Pyrum Innovations AG and TH Köln, developed a completely new recycling process in which no waste is produced and all substances are retained in closed cycles.


Category Infrastructure

Category: Infrastructure - Bike Cleaner Plus

If you spray your mountain bike clean with a Bike Cleaner directly after your ride, you can also keep your car and/or your (vacation) home clean. Your waste water is discharged in an environmentally friendly way and you save time because spraying your bike at home means more work.

Jury Statement

"Solves a known problem and is versatile in use and application."

Product name: Bike Cleaner plus 

Company: Bike Cleaner B.V.

Description of product:

The Bike Cleaner is a spray-cleaning pedestal for (mountain) bikes. Made of hard-to-vandalize materials, it can be placed in an unsupervised location. The Bike Cleaner is frost-resistant, and has two spray settings: one with normal water pressure (2 bar), and one with medium water pressure (8 bar). The bikes are hung up on the pedestal, the user pays a small amount via a non-contact pay terminal, and the cleaning process only takes a few minutes. Because the Bike Cleaner rests on a platform, with special drain gutters and infiltration filters, the drainage is optimum, and possible oil residues from the bike chain are collected and stored, so there’s no pollution of the environment.


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