The EUROBIKE Business Days from 04.09.2019 - 06.09.2019

Focuses on people who work in the bicycle and sports sector.  No private persons are allowed on these days.

Private visitors can visit EUROBIKE on Festival Day 07.09.2019.


Who is EUROBIKE trade visitor

You are an EUROBIKE trade visitor if you belong to one of the groups shown below and work in the bicycle and sports industry, as well as in the mobility industry. Related sports, such as outdoor sports, fitness and trend sports, as well as the sector sports fashion are taken into account. Furthermore, we include certain sectors of the automotive industry, logistics and fleet management.

  • Buying syndicates, sales representatives, importers, exporters and distributors with a clear connection to the bicycle industry
  • Sport goods industry (suppliers, OEMs, ODMs, producers)

  • Automotive industry with a clear connection to the bicycle and mobility industry (OEMs, development of electric motors, …)

  • Players in the fields logistics and fleet management with a clear connection to the bicycle and mobility industry (municipalities, transport service provider, …)

  • Mobility services and providers with a clear connection to the bicycle and mobility industry
  • Bicycle rental services, tour operators and other touristic service providers   
  • Students in specialist areas (sport, fashion, textile, business management, IT) are eligible for a concession ticket

First-time registration

Are you an EUROBIKE trade visitor wishing to register for the first time? Then set up your personal account at the Online Ticket Shop.
Once your registration has been checked by our Visitor Service, you will be approved as an EUROBIKE trade visitor.

If you have been approved as an EUROBIKE trade visitor, log in to the Online Ticket Shop with your user name and password, and this will take you back to your personal account. There you can order tickets for yourself, your employees or your colleagues. Save up to 33%* when you buy your tickets online.
* Saving on a 4-day card when purchased online compared with the same ticket bought on the day.

When registering, please have the appropriate proof ready​​​

  • trade licence 
  • extract from the commercial register
  • business card 
  • URL of your company website