The EUROBIKE Business Days from 02.09.2020 - 04.09.2020

Focus on people who work in the bicycle and sports sector. No private persons are allowed on these days.

Private visitors can visit EUROBIKE on Festival Day 05.09.2020.


Are you an EUROBIKE trade visitor wishing to register for the first time? Then set up your personal account at the Online Ticket Shop. Once your registration has been checked by our Visitor Service, you will be approved either as an EUROBIKE Retail First specialist trade visitor or an EUROBIKE trade visitor.


1. What is the Retail First Initiative? 

  • Bicycle and sports dealers are more in the focus of the trade show's attention
  • Self-registration is possible on the EUROBIKE homepage

2. Who is a Retail First Visitor?

  • Retail dealers (brick-and mortar shops) within the bicycle and sports industry
  • Department and chain stores with a clear connection with the industry
  • Online and mail-order stores with a clear connection to the industry

Players from related sports, such as outdoor sports, trend sports as well as sports fashion are taken into acount respectively.

3. Who is not a Retail First Visitor?

  • Manufactures with their own sales channels
  • Purchasing groups
  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • Distributors
  • Bicycle rental companies and travel agencies

4. What does a Retail First Ticket include?

  • Free admission to the trade show on the business days 02.09.2020 – 04.09.2020
  • Special package offers
  • Free admission to EUROBIKE Party on  September 4th 2020

5. First-time registration

  • Step 1: Create your personal account in the online Ticket Shop
  • Step 2: Your personal account will by verified by our customer service: Approval as a specialist retailer or as an ordianary trade show visitor
  • Step 3: As a specialist retailer you will receive a confirmation mail with your Retail First Ticket Code
  • Step 4: Redeem your Retail First Ticket Code and order your free Retail First Tickets

6. Ordering tickets for visitors who are already registered

  • If you already are registered you will receive your Retail First Code via mail
  • Login to the EUROBIKE ticket shop 
  • Redeem your Retail First Code an generate your free tickets

For problems with your password, please use the password-forgotten-function. For further questions please contact our customer service.

7. How do I get my Retail First Ticket?

  • Step 1: Login to the online ticket shop
  • Step 2: If available redeedm your Retail First ticket code
  • Step 3: Personalize your ticket
  • Step 4: Receive your digital ticket