In one area - the BMX freestyle show event "Lord of the Lake" and the guys of the Drop And Roll Tour and BMX Flatland Show.

BMX Freestyle Show Event "Lord of the Lake"

BMX Freestyle Park was acknowledged by the IOC as an Olympic discipline in 2017 and has since then undergone rapid development. At EUROBIKE 2021, some of the best BMX riders will now meet for an exclusive show event. An impressive ramp course will be set up in the Action Arena, which leaves nothing to be desired. At the end of the event, whoever can pull off the hardest tricks, will be crowned "Lord of the Lake"!

It starts on Thursday with the free practice and on Friday and Saturday there will be three half-hour show sessions. Of course, every rider wants to step on the gas and push the limits in order to be crowned "Lord of the Lake" in the late afternoon. So there will be top-class action in every session, after all the rider field is very high-caliber and the format allows to focus on very difficult and risky tricks.


The guys from the Drop & Roll Show will be really turning the heat up. If you only know Danny MacAskill, Duncan Shaw and John Langlois from YouTube, take this opportunity to see these stars live at EUROBIKE. Promising undiluted suspense and excitement, the amazing Trial Show is truly worth watching.

Spectacular drops, jumps and stunts launching off, above and with the craziest obstacles are what the Trial Stars do best. If you want to see the incredible ways a bike can be used and enjoy some fascinating bike stunts, don’t miss a visit to the Eurobike Action Area!


Move in style! – the international top riders from deepBMX crew including Urban Cycling World Champion 2019 Dominik Nekolny show, what exactly can be done with a BMX bike on a level surface. As soon as these guys show off their flatlandcombos it becomes clear, there´s no cooler way to move on a bike.


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