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Be there live when the top athletes of the mountain bike scene get together for the only German FMB World Tour Silver Event and show off their breathtaking stunts in the Eurobike Action Area.

Athletes will be battling it out at the Dirt Jump Contest – on a line consisting of a big launch ramp and two perfect stunt jumps. Who will perform the most amazing stunts? Whose style is the best? The knock-out rounds will take place on Friday, followed by the qualifiers and grand finale on Saturday. You only have yourself to blame if you miss the action! Action, adrenaline and thrills guaranteed!

Would you like to compete too and show what you can do? You can register here: [email protected]



The guys from the Drop & Roll Show will be really turning the heat up. If you only know Danny MacAskill, Fabio Wibmer, Duncan Shaw and Ali Clarkson from YouTube, take this opportunity to see these stars live at Eurobike. Promising undiluted suspense and excitement, the amazing Trial Show is truly worth watching.

Spectacular drops, jumps and stunts launching off, above and with the craziest obstacles are what the Trial Stars do best. If you want to see the incredible ways a bike can be used and enjoy some fascinating bike stunts, don’t miss a visit to the Eurobike Action Area!


This year there will once again be BMX Flatland shows with top international riders from Berlin’s deepBMX crew. The guys will be showing what exactly you can do with a BMX bike on a level surface, and they’ll also be showing off their toughest contest stunts.

Come along, be amazed, and enjoy!