Public Voting starts on June 15th.




The EUROBIKE INNOVATORS' Prize focuses on young companies, start-ups and innovators from the bicycle industry and honored the most innovative products, services and ideas at Messe Frankfurt on July 14, 2022.


Category Bicycles

Podbike FRIKAR by Podbike AS

Category Infrastructure

Bike Cleaner plus by Bike Cleaner B.V.

Category Components

MAHLE X20 System by MAHLE SmartBike Systems

Category Service

Schwalbe Recycling System by Schwalbe

Category Accessoires

Groove Tool Pro by Ryder Innovation/Omnico (Pyt) Ltd.

Category Audience Award

Work hard & improve your bike workshop applying by Flash Bike



- NEW BAD by Bad Bike  
- Podbike frikar by Podbike AS   
- Cobra eBIke by TO.TEM S.r.l.  


- Ultimate QUIK Release Device by FULCHEE ENT CO., LTD   
- Mahle X20 System  by MAHLE SmartBike Systems  
- Mov2 by MOVJA


- Uni-RACK by alles-bike GmbH   
- Groove tool pro by Iconex International (Pty) Ltd   
- Origin by BIMPAIR 


 - BIN - Bicycle Identification by Trebiada Sp. z o.o.  
- Work hard & Improve by Flash Bike  
- Schwalbe Recycling System by Schwalbe


- Velolifter by alles-bike GmbH   
- Bike cleaner plus by Bike Cleaner  B.V.          
- Urbanfix by Biciway  


Andreas Gahlert

  • Founder of various Brands and Products e.g. COBI.Bike and Consultant
  • Expertise: Digital 


Jill Warren

  • Managing Director European Cyclists‘ Federation
  • Expertise Infrastructure


Dirk Zedler

  • Managing Director Zedler-Institut
  • Expertise Engineering


Pinar Pinzuti

  • Cycling Brainwasher and Marketing Manager Bikenomist
  • Expertise Culture



Ralf Kindermann

  • Managing Director Kindermann Value Creation
  • Expertise Finance & Investment


Susanne Puello

  • Managing Director Pierer Ebike GmbH
  • Expertise Bicycle Industry

Jan-Willem van Schaik

  • Editor in Chief at Bike EUROPE
  • Expertise Specialized Press



  • As of now: Start: Registration and submission of products for the EUROBIKE INNOVATORS PRIZE 2022

  • 06.06.2022: End: Registration and submission of products for the EUROBIKE INNOVATORS PRIZE 2022

  • 13.06.2022: Start: Public voting on all submitted products and ideas

  • 24.06.2022: End of public voting on all submitted products and ideas

  • 30.06.2022 Communication of the 15 finalists for the pitch final at the EUROBIKE SHOW on 14.07.2022

  •  01.07 - 08.07: Submission of the finalists' pitch decks

  • 14.07.2022: Pitch and prize ceremony at EUROBIKE

Terms of Participation

Key Facts

Nomination and Selection

In a new multi-stage nomination and selection process, the most innovative vehicles, components, equipment as well as services and infrastructure ideas will be awarded prizes. Entrants from the design, manufacturing, import, sales and service sectors are eligible to present their innovative ideas.

Evaluation and Criteria

The evaluation is based on the degree of innovation and disruptive potential, applicability and improvement over existing approaches, market potential as well as scaling opportunities, social-media impact and contribution to a sustainable mobile future.

Voting: Public & Jury

It is not only the opinion of a top-class jury of experts that counts, but also the impression of the broad EUROBIKE public, which is involved both in the pre-selection via online voting and in the award ceremony on July 14 at the EUROBIKE Show at Messe Frankfurt and thus has a major influence on the awards.

Expert jury, online voting & criteria

From 13.06.2022 – 24.06.2022 the interested online audience can vote on all submissions for the EUROBIKE INNOVATORS' Prize. Judging will take place in the categories

  • Degree of innovation and disruptive potential
  • Applicability and improvement over existing approaches and products
  • Market potential and scalability
  • Social/media impact and contribution to a sustainable future

Pitch & Prize Ceremony

The online public decides on 15 nominations in the five categories. At the awards ceremony at the EUROBIKE Show on July 14, 2022, a panel of experts from the industry, the press and players from outside the sector will select a winning project for each category. The trade show audience will also vote live for one project from all categories for the audience award.

Why to submit and to take part?

Winning projects benefit from a wide range of EUROBIKE INNOVATORS' packages. They will receive coaching sessions with industry leaders, who will be announced shortly. In addition, the winning projects will receive extensive publicity in individual press releases, presentations on the EUROBIKE website and social media, and a free stand at the VELOBerlin public festival in spring 2023.


Isabell Eberlein

Isabell Eberlein

External Advisor

Velokonzept GmbH


Johannes Schürle

Johannes Schürle

Key Account & Retail Services

fairnamic GmbH