EUROBIKE Convention

Designing the Future of Mobility

13. Juli 2022

Future Mobility Forum, Hall 8

Designing the Future of Mobility

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With the EUROBIKE Convention - Designing the future of moblity, EUROBIKE 2022 will for the first time offer a platform for cross-stakeholder exchange on cycling and beyond. Together with representatives from politics, administration, science and civil society, we, the actors of the mobility revolution, will discuss how we can jointly realize the city of the future. With an interdisciplinary view, we are looking for solution-oriented ways to make bicycles, e-bikes and LEV`s an accepted and equal means of transport for more people, to change our mobility culture and to advance the necessary infrastructure, as well as the built environment as a "city of short distances". With the conviction that we can only implement the city of the future together, let's break new ground together from here on.


The EUROBIKE Convention - Designing the future of moblity will discuss the following thematic blocks:


1. Planning and designing the city of tomorrow.

A bicycle-friendly city requires a massive transformation of our current infrastructure. For this, new planning and design approaches are needed, both for short-term rapid implementation and for long transformation processes. How can the cycling industry support cities in the design of tomorrow? What do real-time collaborative projects for the city of the future look like?

2. Mobility at work.

Corporate mobility is understood to be both work-related mobility, logistics and customer or visitor transport, as well as the way to work. In order to make corporate mobility more sustainable, the synergies between companies and municipalities can be used to discuss issues of infrastructure, services, communication and culture. Only in this way can corporate mobility become a catalyst for the change in mobility.

3. Interfaces of local mobility. 

The different transport modes of local mobility need to be better linked with each other - both in the digital and in the physical environment. How can the actors involved improve their networking in order to better shape their mobility promise for users and cities? What do collaborative real-world labs look like for the interfaces of local mobility, in terms of digitalisation and infrastructure?


In new formats, we want to bring together the different target groups. From research to bicycle companies. From politics to process design. From IT to infrastructure.


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Katja Richarz

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