13th and 14th July

From niche to mainstream – how cargo bikes can transform mobility

The Final Conference of the City Changer Cargo Bike Project

In partnership with the Eurobike Convention.



Cargo bikes leading the way to green urban mobility

As cities increasingly struggle with traffic congestion and associated air and noise pollution, cargo bikes and cycle logistics presents a sustainable, active, practical, inclusive, and low-impact alternative for first- and last-mile transport. Whether this be carrying family or friends, or as means for logistical service provision, cargo bikes will have to play a pivotal role in the decarbonization of the transport sector. Indeed, research shows that cargo bikes have the potential to replace vans in 32% of delivery trips and 50% of service trips. Even better, up to 80% of private car trips could be replaced by a cargo bike trip. As the swiss army knife of active and sustainable transport and logistics, cargo bikes simply have the potential to make our cities better places to live.

Improving the quality of urban life has been a key objective of the CityChangerCargoBike (CCCB) project.  Supported by the EU’s Horizon2020 programme, CCCB has raised awareness and supported the uptake of cargo bikes and cargo bike initiatives since 2018 with 20 partners from around Europe, 15 of which are cities.  The high level of participation of cities in the project, as well as their incredible implementation successes – highlights of which will be presented at the Cargo Bike Day (14th July 2022) at Eurobike in Frankfurt – shows that these cities have truly understood that cargo bikes are the fastest, most cost-effective mobility option to transition towards a sustainable future! 

CCCB has been a major driver in raising awareness on the potential and advantages of cargo bikes over recent years and in supporting the cargo bike sector to develop from a niche market into a widely accepted alternative to mainstream mobility options. During the project lifetime three “European Market Size Surveys” and two “European Cargo Bike Operators Industry Surveys” have been conducted. The latest results of which will be presented at Eurobike 2022.

As the project draws to a close, CCCB and its two predecessor projects leave behind an invaluable legacy, namely through the creation of the European Cyclelogistics Federation and three expert groups on cargo bikes that, together with Cycling Industries Europe, will continue to advocate for acknowledging cargo bikes as a crucial mode of transport for individuals and businesses in the transition to a safer, smarter and more accessible urban future.

10:15 -13:00 Programmes and policies

  • 10.15 Keynote: Province of Utrecht, CCCB Project coordinator - From niche to mainstream – the impact of the CCCB project 

  • 10.30 City roundtable: “North to South, East to West“ – secrets of success from 10 European cities that have used cargo bike programmes for city transformation. Listen to Lisbon, Prague, Cambridge, Gdynia, Utrecht, Rimini, Mechelen, Victoria Gasteiz and others telling their stories.

  • 11.15 Business panel: leading companies share how the business of logistics and last mile services can be transformed by cycling. (Invitees include Amazon Logistics, Zedify and UPS)

  • 12.00 Cargo bikes for Europe: Advocates, business associations and EU institutions look at the lessons learned from CCCB and how they have become mainstream policy across Europe. (Invitees include EU Commission DG Move, Roberta Frisoni (Mobility Councilor Rimini), Jill Warren (CEO European Cyclists’ Federation) Tom Assmann (Head of Radlogistik Verband Deutschland)

  • 12.45 Keynote: Kevin Mayne, CEO of Cycling Industries Europe – towards 1 million new cargo bikes per year on our streets – how to make it happen



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