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The Start-Up & Innovation Day on September 1st, 2021 at EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen shows current developments, discusses innovative strength, financing and cooperation opportunities and offers plenty of space for exchange and knowledge transfer.

FOCUS 2021: "Hardware innovations and new mobility concepts"

The focus in 2021 will be on hardware innovations and new mobility concepts. What is the level of innovation in the bicycle industry and which trends will determine the coming years? What are the challenges in terms of financing, developing and using new materials? What new forms of mobility are needed and how do they get ready for the market?

OUTLOOK Program 2021

The Start-Up & Innovation Day starts with a broad view of the micromobility market and the classification and function of the bicycle. Two user groups are deliberately addressed: young, ambitious start-ups and the innovation departments of the established bicycle industry, because real innovation can only be implemented in cooperation.

Challenges and Innovations

What are the current challenges and what does it take to promote important innovations and developments? In a quick format, entrepreneurs describe how they overboard have abandoned previously set standards through courageous thinking and consistent implementation.

Funding and Financing

As it i soften an obstacle for innovation, what kind of funding makes the most sense? Where are the business angels in the bicycle industry and how can you overcome financing barriers through cooperation?


To be innovative in the hardware area means to develop new vehicle types, but also to ask the question of materials. For example, can frames and components be made from sustainable materials? If so, how can they be made suitable for the masses?

Knowledge Transfer & Exchange

In addition to knowledge transfer and exchange, networking is an important ingredient for the Start-Up & Innovation Day. After more than a year of pandemic, we hopefully have not forgotten how to talk to each other. If so, the Start-Up and Innovation Day offers new networking opportunities during the lunch break and after the EUROBIKE Award in the Start-Up Area.


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