Comments about the 2018 Eurobike

Andreas Schwarz, Chairman of the Green Party Group in the Baden-Württemberg state legislature and passionate racing cyclist:
"The bicycle industry in Baden-Württemberg has now become a large economic sector. Here at the Eurobike you can see the dedication and technical expertise that is involved in bicycles - and also that it can really be a lot of fun to use them, whether in your free time or on your way to work. As politicians, we must now create the right framework conditions and continue to expand infrastructure and build more bike paths, for example. Especially in mid-sized cities, half of all trips cover a distance of five kilometers, a distance that can be managed by bike very well. I’m happy that the Eurobike is held in Baden-Württemberg. Messe Friedrichshafen does an exemplary job of presenting an innovative business sector successfully.”

Siegfried Neuberger, Managing Director, Zweirad Industrie Verband (ZIV):
"In the run-up to Eurobike, quite a few of our member companies were somewhat skeptical about the 27th edition of the world's leading trade fair. It’s no secret that there was only cautious approval within the ZIV to the event’s earlier dates and the new orientation towards a pure trade fair without end-users. So our companies were particularly delighted to see that the halls were well filled on all three exhibition days. The quality of the discussions at the stands was consistently rated as positive, even though the number of trade visitors was slightly lower than last year. To sum things up, Messe Frierichshafen has once again succeeded in affirming and further consolidating Eurobike’s claim to being the world’s leading trade fair in our industry. The ZIV and its members nonetheless welcome the return to the event’s proven format next year.”

Bernd Lesch, Director, Marketing Winora Group:
"Attendance at the show was huge, despite all the gloom-and-doom predictions. Our most important customers came to Friedrichshafen, distributed across the different days of the show. We were able to use the show as a platform to present our new product premieres and had already experienced an amazingly positive response at Media Days event before the show. The number of visitors was simply enormous on Sunday, thanks to our presentation of Flyon, our world-premiere product. As for the future, we think it’s important for there to be a leading international trade show, ideally in Germany. The consumer day of the event, which will return next year, is also very important to our company. Having one this year wasn’t possible due to the earlier dates, but we’re looking forward to its return next year in August 2019.”

Giovanni Caporali, Managing Director von Limar - The helmet specialist:
"Eurobike is the biggest and most important show for us in the world and we had the possibility to meet many international costumers to introduce our new Air Revolution collection developed in cooperation with Astana Pro Team.”

Michael Funk and Marc Sommer, Managing Directors, Sachs Micro Mobility:
"The response to our market entry was impressive and Eurobike was the ideal platform for it. A further bonus was that ZF, our most important joint-venture partner, has its headquarters right here in Friedrichshafen. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from OE customers and dealers about our product line. The topic of system integration was particularly interesting to partners that design vehicles beyond just bicycles for professional use. Many at the show were really delighted to see the return of Sachs as a bicycle industry brand. The launch couldn’t have gone better for us.”

Simon Schmitz, Vice President eMobility & Innovations, Deutsche Post DHL Group:
"Eurobike was a complete success for us. Our stand was very well attended throughout. It became clear that the demand for industry-specific solutions is enormous, especially in the cargo pedelec and heavy-duty bicycle segment. The extremely positive response from established industry leaders to our first presentation at Eurobike has underlined that Deutsche Post DHL Group is on the right track with its StreetScooters. We also particularly liked the new hall layout with its own cargo bike area. A very sensible step.”

Sebastian Linser, CEO, Tune GmbH:
"The show was very successful, as always, and we are incredibly happy. Although there was less happening compared to the last few years, especially on Sunday, the quality of our visitors was very good. Here, we always meet exactly the right people who are important for us - we value the Eurobike as a place to network.”
Wolfgang Renner, CEO, Merida & Centurion GmbH:
"I am surprised that so many retailers came on Sunday. But the traffic situation was ideal. Although a lot of retailers had canceled in advance, we had many more appointments than expected. Right now, it looks very positive.”

Mirko Junghänel, Managing Director, Büchel Fahrzeugteilefabrik:
"As always, at the Eurobike we were able to make good contacts and have meetings that paid off. However, we unfortunately must note that the number of visitors declined this year.”

Thomas Hild, CEO, SQlab GmbH:
"In general, I have always been here with my own stand, I am an absolute fan of the Eurobike and Friedrichshafen. The reason why I think that the location and the show are so good is that everyone here has now known each other for years, and they meet every year like a big international family. There is a special atmosphere at this location. I also enjoy the warm and relaxed attitude of the entire Messe Friedrichshafen team. As far as the date of the Eurobike is concerned, I take the position that the date should once again be a permanently fixed one, and we also very much welcome the return of the public day in 2019.”

Michael Beste, Managing Director, SKS Germany:
"The show has gone well for SKS. Visitor traffic here at our stand is somewhat lower than last year, but still sufficient. We have many new innovations ready to go and have the feeling that retailers are very open to these complex products. I love the Eurobike as a show. It’s very important to me and I hope that it remains important and does not decline in relevance.”

Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Environment: 
"Cycling is ‘in’ and will become even more pervasive in the future. Electric drive technology on the one hand and cargo bikes on the other hand will broaden their application even further. Getting around on bicycles helps protect the environment, reduces noise and keeps the air clean. Here at the fair, I’ve been really positively surprised by the large number of companies presenting their products in the cargo-transport section. Cargo bikes are an attractive alternative to delivery trucks in our cities.”

Felix Schön, Sales and Marketing, muli-cycles GmbH:
"As a startup, this year is our first time at the Eurobike and we have experienced an unbelievably positive response to our products. The show really promotes our young company, especially among journalists and bloggers. That is something that we are also noticing on our social media channels. What we especially like here is that the competitive attitude between exhibitors is not as strong as it is at other events. We also very much like the Cargo Area, where all of the cargo bike providers are located together. We will certainly be back again next year.”

Tamara Winograd, head of marketing and communication at Bosch eBike Systems:
"The e-bike is an e-mobility pioneer and an absolute model of success. This continues to be clearly indicated by current sales figures, as well as this year's Eurobike. The e-bike trend has now reached every area of the market and numerous new possibilities have been opened up. So we’re very pleased with developments. On the one hand, it confirms our efforts as a driving force in the industry. On the other hand, new requirements in the marketplace are inspiring us to develop more groundbreaking products. These include the first production-ready antilock braking system for pedelecs, which we’ll launch this year, and our new Kiox on-board computer for sporty e-bikers, which won the Eurobike Award. Eurobike is an excellent platform to present these innovations to the industry and to enter into discussions with as many specialist dealers and manufacturers as possible.”

Steven Jonckheere, Marketing Manager Switzerland, LaPierre:
"Because of the start on Sunday, getting to the show is considerably easier; unfortunately because of that it was also quieter than usual on the first day. Monday, on the other hand, was brutal. We are very satisfied to be back here again after a break, especially because the Eurobike is an important forum for our development. We definitely still have potential and want to use the platform here.”
Marcus Chiba, Managing Director, Chiba Gloves for Sports:
"We had a lot of international contacts. It is becoming more and more apparent that a good sales organization and innovations, such as our Bio XCell System that prevents your hands from falling asleep, are becoming more and more important.”

Gregory Girard, Sales Manager, Wilier Triestina:
"This year, we again cultivated a lot of contacts at the Eurobike and made new ones, especially with visitors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We get very positive feedback on our new products. This is especially the case for our e-bikes, which have been really well received.”

Felix Neureuther, German ski racer:
"I am here for the first time and think the Eurobike is really cool. It is very impressive to see how big it is here.”

Monika Sattler, Influencer, RAD Monika:
"So I flew into Zurich and when you are getting out of the plane, you already knew cyclist, cyclist. Probably Eurobike, Eurobike. So that has some sort of a feeling of, like a pilgrimage going to Eurobike. I don’t know, my heart always beats faster seeing so many cyclists coming to the show, with so many different bikes. But still, on the one hand they are all cyclists, but such a large variety of different types of cyclists. I’m learning so much here. So for me, it’s my second time at Eurobike, I love it, I really love it. It takes a lot of energy, because there is so much to see - It’s like Disney World for a cyclist, right? Yeah it's awesome.”

Martin Zanker, Head of Bike Sales, Deuter Sport GmbH:
"We take a very positive view of the future opportunity to show our products to consumers and therefore are in favor of the reintroduction of the consumer day for the 2019 Eurobike. From this perspective, the later date is also the right one.”

Claude LeBlond, Global Vice President of Sales, Argon 18 Inc.:
"The timing could not be better for Argon 18 to revamp models in existing categories and expand its product offering by engaging in new segments, such as gravel and endurance. We’re very pleased to launch our new line at Eurobike 2018. Our quest for excellence and exciting technology in bike design is showcased in our 2019 collection. Argon 18’s continuous success in the road and triathlon segment and our strong athlete roster will secure our top position. So, it is time for us to break away from the field. Our association with Mercedes Benz is bound to be a success as the collaboration goes beyond what any other bike company has ever achieved with the auto industry.”

Dr. Sandra Wolf, CEO, Riese & Müller:
"The energetic exchange with national and international industry professionals and existing retailers and suppliers was very important to us. We also welcome the decision by the show to offer a public day again, next year.”

Sebastian Göttling, Press spokesman, Busch & Müller:
"We had extensive contacts and discussions with our core customers during the show. Our products and innovations are being very well received and we are extremely happy to have received a Eurobike Award for our "µ” rear light.  Unfortunately, in our view what is missing this year are the walk-in visitors, which is surely due to the shortening of the show by one day. We are therefore in favor of a four-day show and for the future would like Eurobike to again find a way, and the confidence, to continue to remain a leading world trade show.

Philipp Elsner-Krause, General Manager, Fahrer Berlin:
"As a location, Friedrichshafen is simply perfect for a bicycle trade show. The beautiful surroundings with Lake Constance and the Alps just cannot be had at the exhibition centers in the larger cities.  However, this year we noted fewer meetings with retailers, which certainly was due to the earlier date, in the middle of the season. We used the time for intensive B2B appointments and talks. A public day is very important to us, because of the direct feedback from customers. That will return again next year.”

Alexander Kraft, Press spokesman, HP Velotechnik:
"As a long-time participant in the show, we were pleased to go along with the new concept. But following a good start on Sunday, the restraint by retailers that had been mentioned in advance of the show already became apparent. As a brand-name manufacturer with sensational products, we welcome the re-orientation of the show in 2019, especially the decision to reopen it to consumers.”
Daniel Gareus, PR Manager, Cosmic Sports:
"For us as a distributor of brand name products, the show is a wonderful meeting place where we can meet with acquaintances and suppliers every year. Many of our partner brands were here and we were able to conduct an especially large number of B2B appointments. From the retailer side, the visit to the show was unfortunately somewhat restrained, which was also apparent in the quiet traffic situation. But we are fundamentally satisfied and are looking forward to next year. There will again be a consumers’ day, at which bike fans will have the opportunity to experience our premium products.”

Tobias Erhard, PR Coordinator, Sram:
"It seems that Eurobike has worked out for us as we had it expected, despite the pre-announced, difficult dates. Our stand received lots of visitors, but we need a few days to assess whether all the important contacts with retailers were made. The consumer day is extremely important to us, so we’re really looking forward to next year.”

Hanna Gehlen, Managing Director, Croozer:
"The clarity and easy-to-understand design of our stand was impressive and attracted a lot of visitors to our stand. Our three dog models were well received, which of course pleases us very much. We are already looking forward to next year and are always happy to come back to Lake Constance.”

Andrea Escher, Communications Manager, Pinion:
"We may have noticed a difference in the quantity of visitors compared to last year, but we had more high quality discussions. Our retail partners made a more relaxed impression on us and had time for a more thorough, comprehensive exchange. That meant that we could go more in-depth in the discussions and extensively address issues. The visit by the Baden-Württemberg state politicians who were getting an overview of the technological innovations in the region was pleasing.”

Peter Wöstmann, PR Manager, Ortlieb:
"We are very satisfied with the show. Visitor numbers were good and we had good discussions. But we are also pleased with the concept for next year, with a return to a public day. In general, it must be said that we have a leading international trade show in Germany and we should be proud of that.”

Ulrich Prediger, Managing Director, Jobrad:
"This year, as in the past, at the Eurobike we were able to again conduct a large number of intensive discussions with our specialty retail partners. In the course of those discussions, it once again became clear: Jobrad users are asking more and more for services for company bicycles, such as inspections or the new full service package. This trend will continue to shape the development of the company bicycle industry in the future.”

Christian Thill, PR and communications manager at Bergamont:
"The response to our products both at the Media Days event and at the fair itself has been terrific. There’s clearly a growing interest in e-bikes, but journalists and trade visitors are also euphorically interested in new bikes without electric drives.”

Arne Behrenssen,
"The dealers and other visitors were very pleased to find the whole up-and-coming cargo bike segment consolidated in Hall A1, so they could meet the manufacturers in one common area. The cargo bike manufacturers no longer feel like isolated small exhibitors at an enormous event, but as a key part of Eurobike. The signage, the prominence of cargo bikes in the communications materials, and the guided tour of the State Secretary have also been contributing factors. The political panel was also very well attended, as well as the event about the standardization and testing of cargo bikes.”

Leonie Auerhahn, Marketing Fazua GmbH:
"We think the idea of a separate hall focused on e-mobility is a very good one, as it enables anyone interested in the topic to find everything in one place. Despite comparatively fewer visitors than in the previous year, most of the meetings were very relevant to us. So, we’re happy with the way it is!”
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