The future of cycling: Eurobike Awards show tomorrow’s trends

36 awards, 7 gold, 6 start-ups:

Friedrichshafen – Bikes and e-bikes are developing faster than ever, despite the major challenges facing the bicycle industry and trade for nearly two years now. This makes it all the more impressive that 36 of the 246 submissions to the Eurobike Award have been selected by the judges to receive an award – with a total of seven gold awards for exceptional innovation. As such, this is a clear demonstration of the industry’s creative power. Furthermore, six of the 36 Eurobike Awards go to products from start-up companies. In 2021, the Eurobike is showing its competency in identifying, future-orientated, pioneering ideas, concept and technologies. The transformation and move towards bike mobility is clear for all to see and Eurobike is right at the heart of it.

From a two–speed hub that could replace front derailleurs, via a sophisticatedly simple rain overall, to plastic-free, squeezable drink bottles. The nearly 250 products and concepts entered in the hope of receiving an award, deliver clever solutions to the most diverse problems. Evaluating and determining just how much potential they have is a tough job for the team of judges. “The team consists of strong expertise from a wide range of areas,” explains Monika Sattler, athlete, leadership coach for women in management and member of this year’s expert panel. “As an athlete, I tend to look primarily at the actual practicality of products – and I’ve seen a lot of ideas that the bike world needs.” The six members of the judges’ panel also include representatives from the world of design, media, engineering and consultancy.

Olaf Barski comments: “The broad spectrum of expertise assembled and positive team spirit meant that we were able to reach some very good decisions. As a designer, I appreciate the aesthetics of many new products, but also particularly like it when young designers say: Forget what there has been up until now. We want to design from scratch!” As such, he is referring in particular to the six Start-Up Awards – one of which has even been given a gold award.

“I’m fascinated to see how new bikes are conquering new terrain,” explains cycle journalist Marius Graber. “These days, we can ride over snow and water – electric motors are playing a significant role here. And naturally, there were a large number of practical and exciting innovations for urban mobility. And there are some great developments for mechanics and workshops too,” says the Swiss journalist – who also works part time in a bike shop.

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The 2021 Eurobike Gold Award Winners with the accompanying judges statement.

Cargoline FS 800

Long-established German manufacturer Kettler Alu-Rad is bringing a new, versatile multi-purpose two-wheel e-cargo bike for heavy loads to the market. Its impressive number of details clearly demonstrate the designers enthusiasm and creativity.

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

The aesthetic profile is just one of the many Cargoline features worthy of an award. It has full suspension and is ergonomically adjustable down to the finest detail, making it ideal for families. A unique steering system lowers the centre of gravity and improves handling. An all-round success! 

Smartgrip D500+

The Promovec team around Jesper Lundqvist has designed a grip for e-bikes that goes beyond just ergonomic handling. It has a mini display with integrated control buttons that will appeal to purist e-bikers.

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

Surprisingly smart: the ergonomically-shaped handle with integrated control buttons has a mini display to show the settings of the e-drive and data, such as the battery charge level. It even gives feedback you can feel when shifting. Great for minimalists, it can also pair up with other displays or a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Veloine Pregnancy Cycling Kit

A world first that is long overdue – a cycling shorts and jersey combo for pregnant women. This well-designed apparel solution from Veloine fits comfortably over any baby bump and comes with some very practical details. The company specialises in cycling wear for women. 

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

Farewell to the myth that cycling women don’t continue the sport during pregnancy. These shorts and jersey from Veloine solve a problem that the industry has ignored for far too long.

Tex-Lock Raijn

Tex-Lock, a brand that already made a name for itself with its theft-protection robust textile bike locks, is now addressing the issue of weather protection. It’s one-piece coverall is easy to pull on quickly and converts into a jacket.

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

Shoes off, squeeze into the waterproofs, shoes back on – the Raijn does away with all that hassle. Simply zip open the multifunctional full-body rainproof jumpsuit and pull it over your legs. It can also be used as a simple rain jacket and stowed away in a hip bag.

Classified Powershift Hub

The Belgian manufacturer Classified has found a solution to the dream of replacing a bike’s front derailleur with a shifting hub. The lightweight hub contains a two-gear planetary system.

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

End of shift for the front derailleur – thanks to the Powershift hub from Classified. One click on the handlebars is all it takes to shift the gear ratio in the rear hub – all wireless, easy and convenient.

Ortlieb Quick-Rack Light

Waterproof bikepack specialists Ortlieb have developed the Quick-Rack to fit pannier bags to sporty bikes, such as gravel and road bikes.

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

This lightweight luggage rack is very easy and user-friendly to mount. Or if not needed, it can be removed in a matter of seconds. No tools required, which makes it extremely practical indeed.


In addition, a start-up product also won a Gold Award

Datum by Digit Bikes, featuring Analog Suspension

Designer Tim Lane is not exactly unknown in the bike business. However, with his start-up Digit Bikes he is moving in a new direction. Pushing integration as far as it goes, he has now found a way to house mountain bike suspension inside the frame. This is the only start-up to receive a Gold Award!  

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

Digit Bikes brings new impetus or rather a new suspension into the frame construction of mountain bikes. The proof of concept shows what is kinematically possible with an integrated suspension system. And this method of integration into the top and down tubes gives the frame its own, unique tidy design.


The Eurobike Award panel of judges selected six further Start-Up Awards

Gibli G10

Wanted: a real-time dynamic sensor that can evaluate seat position and geometry for aerodynamics without using a wind tunnel. The Gibli Tech team has engineered a compact, smart multi-sensor device that simply fits in a camera mount.

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

The innovative concept of analysing and improving a rider’s own aerodynamic position while on the move will appeal to ambitious athletes and help them to transfer the maximum amount of power onto the road.

Axevo E-Bike-Motor Service + Maintenance + Spare Parts

A good idea for e-bike dealers from this Italian start-up. It covers everything that an e-bike motor might need – and all from one provider.

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

An exciting concept for the future: service, maintenance and spare parts for e-bike motors. The Italian start-up Axevo has already come up with a sustainable solution for problems that have yet to emerge among the public at large. Sooner or later, when e-bike motors approach the limit of their service life and the guarantee period comes to an end, there’s bound to be a large market.

Keego drink bottle

The Austrian start-up has invented a sustainable, squeezable sports bottle that has no plastic inside for a clean taste. They made this possible by using titanium.

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

The Keego allows you to cut down on plastics while drinking and still having a squeezable water bottle. Exciting technology makes it possible: a titanium inlay which doesn’t affect the taste. A lot of development work from a young company has gone into this.

Evari 856 E-Bike

Minimalist, robust and lightweight – these are the core attributes of the Evari 856. The British start-up has produced a progressive and aesthetic carbon frame and a weight-optimised pedelec and S-Pedelec available in four different versions.

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

The whole panel was inspired by the design and contours: the Evari all-terrain e-bike impresses with a uniquely shaped monocoque carbon frame. A Kiox display mounted on a carbon panel is set into the gently curving top tube. The bike evokes a very special emotion: “It’s like driving a Porsche”, was the comment from one of the judges. 

Performance Protection Print

GRDXKN is the name of an innovative structured printing technology that gives textiles more protection against shocks and abrasion. It has been created by designer Bastian Müller.

Statement by Eurobike Award expert panel

Integrating protective materials into the actual clothing is a clever idea! GRDXKN has developed a printing technology that has already attained a high level of maturity. A great and innovative concept that is capable of protecting cyclists against scrapes and grazes in a crash.

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