Get to know the virtual world of cycling and visit the E-cycling Area in Hall 11.1.


How about measuring up against the professionals in a real contest? E-cycling makes it possible. As part of the Roadbike & Performance Area, Eurobike 2022 is examining the thrilling topic of e-cycling in a detailed and concentrated form.

E-cycling: A fight with that feeling of the road

International routes and competitions

E-cycling combines genuine endurance sport with the fun and challenge of gaming. Join friends from all over the globe to enjoy excursions in virtual worlds and compete against ambitious e-sports enthusiasts and professionals. The E-Cycling Area gives newcomers a chance to check out and get a taste of the world of e-sport. Connoisseurs in turn will gain an overview of the latest developments and trends.

Training inside your own four walls

If time is too short or the weather too bad, indoor training then offers an alternative to a trip out on the bike. Modern roller trainers with performance measurement and a connection to digital e-cycling platforms permit more efficient training while at the same making everything that much more relaxed. EUROBIKE provides insight into practical solutions for successful indoor training.

Roller trainer or indoor bike

E-cycling and indoor training can be practised with different levels of investment. The options range from road bike on the classical free roller or the space-saving roller trainer all the way up to the fully equipped ergometer. In addition to resistance on the pedals, modern systems can also simulate gradients and a cooling airstream. Integrated connectivity offers access to the virtual worlds of e-sport. Hall B3 is where interested visitors will be able to get to grips with the differences between the various systems currently on offer.

The key apps and suppliers

In addition to the training hardware, riders also need software to take part in e-cycling. A smartphone attached to the handlebars, a tablet or a television can serve as a window to the virtual road. Which equipment and apps are really necessary and which are a useful addition for the ultimate adventure? Experts from the leading suppliers will be on hand in the E-Cycling Area to answer all questions on software, apps and compatibility.