Guided tour through the Cargo Bike AREA #4

The cargo bike is booming throughout Europe. The variety of models is increasing, allowing more and more private and commercial uses: From baby to senior transport, from weekend shopping to crafts to parcel delivery. With the Cargo Area, EUROBIKE has been offering a unique insight into the dynamic world of cargo bikes since 2018. Arne Behrensen from the blog presents exciting innovations and trends in his guide.

Meeting point 12:00 Cargo Area, Hall A1-622

Categories CARGO BIKE
Date Sept. 4, 2021, noon - 12:45 p.m.
Location A1-622
Arne Behrensen, cargobike jetzt

Arne Behrensen studied politics in Berlin and has worked for a member of the German parliament as well as an international NGO. In 2013, he moved to VCD, the association for sustainable mobility, as a manager of the project “Lasten auf die Räder”, providing information on cargo bikes. In 2015 he launched the blog and set up as a self-employed cargo bike expert without any affiliations to producers or dealers. The end of 2020 saw the foundation of the company GmbH. Arne Behrensen lives and works in Berlin.