Why Innovation will take the industry by surprise

It’s great to talk about fancy gravel bikes, wheel sizes, and optimized suspension on kickass eBikes. Indeed, Bike Design has come a long way, and big brands are stepping up their game, making it harder for smaller brands to keep up.

Philip Douglas,  CIP Mobility GmbH

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Date Sept. 1, 2020, 10:45 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

But while this industry can innovate, the cargo and fleet sector must innovate. Current bike technology is not up to the challenges that these heavily used cargo and sharing vehicles face in their daily use and with the recent growth, the pain is getting bigger. This industry will have to stop (ab)using consumer bicycle components and start creating their own specific technology. With COVID19 and climate funding, this will happen fast and on large scale. Buckle up for an interesting ride!

About Philip Douglas:

Philip Douglas has worked in the bike industry for almost 30 years. He founded Europe’s first online bike brand, helped establish Europe’s first eBike sharing project, supplied the current Swiss Army bike, and co-founded several successful bike companies. After working as an advisor for large automotive companies, he now represents CIP Mobility GmbH, an ambitious new player from Munich with a focus on cargo bikes.