Daily life loads - Women as Mobility Managers in the Scope of the Cargo Bike Industry


Cora Geißler, VELOGUT
Sonia Quirder, Kvirder 

In German

Date Sept. 5, 2019, 5 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.
Region EUROBIKE Stage - Foyer Ost
Speaker Cora Geißler, Sonja Quirder

Cargo in daily life may be transported better with cargo bikes. Women are the mobility managers, whether for shopping, transport or family mobility. As mobility deciders they are more eager to purchase cargo bikes. Is the industry positioned right concerning products, sales and service? Two perspectives: commercial transport and retail.


Cora Geißler – managing director of VELOGUT
Cora lives and works with her family in Berlin. In 2013 she took over the family business, AMB Cycles, and shortly afterwards she developed the cargo bike segment, focusing on personal use. In 2015 she expanded the cargo bike segment to take in commercial use with individual solutions, and realigned it. Another year later, the hire system was set up and the company successfully participated in the BUM tender: Climate Protection through the Use of Bikes. As a project manager in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Berlin Guilds’ Chamber, in 2017 she launched the “VELOGUT – cargo on rental bikes” project which concluded/concludes  this year. In 2018 she won an award at the competition staged by KlimaSchutzPartner Berlin, a climate protection alliance. Since 2019 she has been developing a full-service location with a hiring point for 50 cargo bikes, specialist workshop, mobile service and store in Berlin Kreuzberg.


Cora Geißler, VELOGUT
Cora Geißler

Sonia Quirder – owner Kvirder
After a circuitous route which took in commercial training, work with an American company, 12 years of living and working in French-speaking Switzerland, and half-completing a business management degree course, Sonia Quirder arrived in the bicycle world. A certified master craftswoman for two-wheel vehicle mechanics and founder of the company ['kvirder]®, she enthusiastically shares her love of bicycles, and gets her customers riding on cargo or folding bikes.

Sonia Quirder, Kvirder
Sonia Quirder