Workshop: Innovation bicycle: product development through smart partnerships

Recep Yesil, Coboc, Senior Product Manager 
Marc Gillessen, Hermann Hartje KG, Head of E-Commerce 
Manuel Prager, chike GmbH & Co. KG, Founder and CEO 

In German with translation to English

Date Sept. 4, 2019, noon - 12:45 p.m.
Region London
Speaker Recep Yesil, Marc Gillessen, Manuel Prager

We approach the bicycle as a product and its potential for innovation from two perspectives: the viewpoints of start-ups and the established bicycle industry are superimposed onto each other. Where does innovation occur? What is needed for innovative product development? How can the two sides benefit mutually from each other?


Recep Yesil Coboc
Recep Yesil

Recep Yesil knows the two different worlds of start-ups and established bicycle industry only too well. Currently the Senior Product Manager with Coboc, he was himself the founder of FIXIE Inc., before he moved to Specialized, Supernova and, later, Cannondale. Based on his experience of these two worlds, Recep Yesil will be using case studies to talk about successful partnerships and their various challenges with regard to production, delivery and process design and, most importantly, about building trust and a good network.

Marc Gillessen
Marc Gillesen

The company Hermann Hartje KG is a wholesaler and bicycle producer that has been entering into partnerships with young, innovative start-ups for many years. What does a fair working relationship look like here? Marc Gillesen has many years of e-commerce experience and seeks to connect online business and specialist retail. He will be talking about his experience in the areas of product development, e-commerce and innovation within and outside the organization.


Manuel Prager
Manuel Prager

Manuel Prager and his brother developed the “Chike” – an innovative cargo bike with a tilt mechanism – going on to form the successful start-up of the same name. Manuel will be talking about the initial challenges, how knowing more about the bicycle industry saved him time, money and energy, and how he is planning to work with bigger companies in future.