Workshop: Legislation pitfalls - how start-ups can avoid them

Dirk Zedler
Institut für Fahrradtechnik und Sicherheit GmbH
Presentation: Isabell Eberlein, Velokonzept

In German with translation to English

Date Sept. 4, 2019, 11 a.m. - 11:40 a.m.
Region London
Speaker Dirk Zedler

In this workshop, Dirk Zedler discusses the statutory framework conditions and relevant standards that apply across Europe to the bicycle industry. Start-ups will get an overview of what exactly to bear in mind with regard to product development, so that they don't get tripped up by legislation.

Dirk Zedler has been providing his professional bicycle and e-bike expertise for 26 years to law courts, insurers, manufacturers and lawyers both in Germany and elsewhere. He is also the founder and managing director of Zedler - Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH. The institute's own test laboratory examines the quality and safety standards of bicycles and their components. His team also draws up instruction manuals, risk analyses and conformity declarations in over 30 languages in accordance with the valid EN and ISO standards, and the EC Machinery Directive.