Engineering speed

How to build an accessible virtual wind tunnel and make bikes and riders more aero

Raman Garimella

In English

Date Sept. 5, 2019, noon - 12:45 p.m.
Region Rom
Speaker Raman Garimella

?Not everybody can access a wind tunnel, leave alone afford one. One application of Raman's research is modelling 3D scans and calculating aerodynamic drag force without using a physical wind tunnel. With Raman's method, 3D models of any cyclist can be generated. The talk includes a live demo of the virtual wind tunnel tool to show how a range of 3D cyclist models can be generated and assessed for aerodynamic efficiency. 

Raman Garimella is a researcher working on making 3D human models more accurate. Raman is a former cyclist, a mechanical engineer and sports scientist (MSc). Voxdale is a design & engineering agency. Voxdale's strengths are concept design and aerodynamic simulations & testing.