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The joint series RADWISSEN2GO is organized by the Hessian state initiative bike+business  and EUROBIKE.
During the three webinars in May, the focus will be put on cycling in the workplace and experts will give impulses on exciting mobility solutions with which employers can support the bicycle mobility of their employees.
In addition to specialist input, companies already involved in the promotion of cycling in the workplace will talk about their personal experiences in setting up their company sustainably in terms of mobility. 
With "RADWISSEN2GO", you can learn interesting facts about mobility budgets, cargobikes and bike leasing.
Each webinar starts with a specialist input on the topic by experts from the industry in which the topic is examined from different perspectives and the scope for action for employers is highlighted.
The focus is always put on how companies can support their employees in terms of sustainable mobility behavior.
Besides, best-practice companies will provide practical insights. 

The webinars will be held in German.
Registration is not necessary.
The access links can be found here before each event.


May 10 - Mobility Budget - What is behind it? How can it be introduced successfully?

The aim of the session is to give participants a compact introduction to the topic of mobility budget and to show how it can be part of a corporate mobility management that is both modern and climate-friendly. Which challenges have to be mastered and which potentials can be tapped?  In addition, there will be a market overview of the different providers as well as explanations and practical tips on how to proceed with the introduction.
In addition to a specialist input by Sylvia Lier, Managing Director of TAF mobile GmbH and expert in multimodal passenger mobility, companies that are already involved in the promotion of cycling in their companies will share their experiences. 
Afterwards, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.

The webinar takes place from 10:00h to 11:00h

May 17 - How can cargobikes be used in a commercial context and how can their application potential be fully exploited?

The cargo bike industry is booming, but in contrast to private use, the possible uses for commercial cargo bikes are less well known.
How can cargobikes be used in a commercial context and what advantages do they offer over cars and trucks? What testing and consulting opportunities can be taken advantage of in the search for the right cargobike?
During the webinar, you will get a comprehensive overview of the funding opportunities and application potentials of cargobikes in the commercial context.
Arne Behrensen, Senior Expert Transport Transportwende at Zukunft Fahrrad, will provide the expert input.
Afterwards, best practice companies will report on their personal experiences.
Philipp Rüppel from Riese & Müller will provide an insight into the commercial use of cargo bikes and the changing requirements compared to the private use of cargo bikes.
Klaus Grund, founder of the delivery service "Sachen auf Rädern" will talk about his experiences in setting up a bicycle-based logistics business.

The webinar takes place from 14:00h to 15:00h.

May 23 - Bike leasing - sustainable mobility as an attractive employee benefit

Bikeleasing has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years. It is popular among employers, employees and self-employed alike. But how does bike leasing actually work? And what makes service leasing so attractive for companies and employees?
In this webinar, you can find out everything there is to know about the benefits, promotion and processes of bikeleasing.
Elena Laidler-Zettelmeyer, Head of Strategic Cooperations at Zukunft Fahrrad, will give a broad overview of the topic.
Other invited speakers will be Hannes Davieds (Head of Mobility Management and Executive Driving Service of the R+V Group) and German Beck (Managing Director dictaJet GmbH), who will report on their experiences with bikeleasing in their companies.

The webinar takes place from 10:00h to 11:00h.


Sylvia Lier, Managing Director of TAF mobile GmbH, is an expert in multimodal personal mobility and has a triad of experience from the fields of vehicle leasing and fleet management, platform-based shared mobility and local public transport. 
She is committed to creating digitally cross-linked opportunities of road and rail mobility and wants to enable people to be mobile and act climate-friendly even without an own car. 
To this end, she is intensively pursuin the idea of the mobility budget.

Further information about Sylvia Lier and her work can be found here

Arne Behrensen is Senior Expert Transportwende at the industry association Zukunft Fahrrad. He studied political science at the Free University of Berlin, was a research assistant to members of the Bundestag, and a campaigner for an international NGO. In 2013, he joined the Germanökologischer Verkehrsclub (VCD) as project manager for "Lasten auf die Räder!". In 2015, he founded the platform, which promotes the private and commercial use of cargobikes with numerous projects. Since January 2023, Arne Behrensen is responsible for the topics of cargobikes and bicycle trailers as drivers of the mobility transformation at the industry association Zukunft Fahrrad.

Elena Laidler-Zettelmeyer has been responsible for representing the interests and developing the content of Zukunft Fahrrad since 2021. As Head of Strategic Cooperations, her focus is on networking with stakeholders in the sustainable mobility industry, science and business. Previously, she worked in political communication for a financial industry association and as a research assistant for a member of the German parliament. Elena Laidler-Zettelmeyer is a member of the Advisory Council on Cycling of the BMDV.


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