Who will take home the cider tankard trophy?


24. June 2023

Who will win and raise the cider tankard trophy? On the Saturday of the FESTIVAL DAYS, exciting bike races will again be offered in cooperation with the traditional club RSG Frankfurt 1890 e.V.. The Fixed Gear Criterium will be welcoming a high-quality and international line-up, and for amateur riders the ‘Bembel Crit’ is staging attractive races throughout the festival day. The tough circuit course is going to see some thrilling sprint finishes right in the middle of the trade show – and this is just the first of many public highlights planned for the EUROBIKE FESTIVAL DAYS.

Frankfurt has a long cycling tradition; after all, the metropolis on the Main has been the venue for the one-day race "Rund um den Henninger Turm" (now Eschborn-Frankfurt), which takes place annually on May 1, since 1962. This is not the only reason why Frankfurt offers the perfect space as the new location for EUROBIKE. On the other hand, one might object that Frankfurt is also known as a car city.



10:00 Start 1st race
  everybody (without license)
  duration:  22 rounds (37,4km)
  mode: final spurt
11:10 Start 2nd race
  women (with & without license)
  duration: 20 rounds (34km)
  mode: final spurt
12:20 Award ceremony
  1st & 2nd race
12:35 Start 3rd race
  sprint duell
  mode: tournament
  award ceremony subsequently
13:35 Start 4th race
  fixed m/f/d
  duration: 25 rounds (42,5km)
  mode: final spurt
  award ceremony subsequently
15:10 Start 5th race
  licence u11 m/f
  duration: 8 rounds (13,6km)
  mode: final spurt
15:50 Start 6th race
  licence u13 m/f
  duration: 12 rounds (20,4km)
  mode: final spurt
16:45 Award ceremony 
  u11 & u13
17:00 Start 7th race
  amateurs (licence elite & amateurs)
  duration: 40 rounds (68km)
  mode: criterium
  award ceremony subsequently 

The race variations

  • u11 & u13
    We want to offer young talents a platform. That's why there are also junior races this year. The young(est) offer great sport and are really into cycling.
  • sprint duells
    16 participants compete in exciting duels in tournament mode in search of the highest wattage. 
  • final spurt
    The winning person is the one crossing the finish line first at the end of the race.
  • criteria
    The person with the most points wins. Every 5 rounds there are 5, 3, 2 and 1 point for the first four of the race.
    In the final round there are double points (10,6,4,2).
    Lap wins take precedence over point wins.
  • tournament mode
    There are 16 participants and a total of 10 heats:
    1st round: 4 vs. 4 (16 riders in 4 heats), the first two will advance
    quarterfinals: 4 vs. 4 (8 riders 2 heats), the first two will advance
    semi final: 1 vs. 1 (4 drivers 2 heats), the winners advance to the grand final
    none final: 1 vs. 1
    grand final: 1 vs. 1

City of contrasts

But it's precisely these contrasts that make Frankfurt special: here, cars meet bicycles, Goethe meets Haftbefehl, the stylish banking district meets the dreary Bahnhofsviertel, hip after-work bars meet the cozy Altsachs, fancy cocktails meet Ebbelwoi. By the way, the latter plays an important role at the BEMBEL CRIT on the Saturday of the festival. After all, Bembel refers to the pot-bellied, gray jugs in which the Hessian cider is traditionally served.

In the fixed-gear criterium (i.e., a circuit race on wheels with a rigid hub), participants whiz across the asphalt, and whoever completes the laps in the fastest time secures not only fame and glory, but also the big cider stein. What could be more fitting to win in Frankfurt than a Bembel?


The circuit gets down to business

The term "Festival Saturday" is definitely filled with meaning with the BEMBEL CRIT: With diffrerent races, both in the elite and hobby classes, where women and men are equally at the start, it is namely really getting down to business.  The course promises excitement for the audience, who can chill, celebrate and cheer on the side of the track.


Katja Richarz

Katja Richarz

Project Manager Congress, Events & Cooperations

fairnamic GmbH