EUROBIKE Digital Days

Digital highlights in september


COVID-19 has changed the way in which knowledge is transferred. Digital networking has now become part of everyday life as a way of exchanging visions and ideas. EUROBIKE is taking this path as well and is also organising a digital event around the usual EUROBIKE date comprising three events.


BIKE BIZ REVOLTION: Visionary shaping of the society and the industry

To shape and to determine the future of cycling – that’s why visionaries and other open-minded thinkers met at the digital BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION of EUROBIKE on September 1. In a short welcoming address, the Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer declared himself to be as well a great “fan of bicycle mobility”. He expressed the need for creating more exciting lighthouse projects and thus improving the positive radiance of bicycle traffic in the coming years. He himself sees exciting ideas and opportunities, but also knows: ‘There is still a lot of work to be done.’


Due to the ongoing and growing digitization with subscription and sharing models micromobility, and especially the bicycle, is penetrating and conquering more and more spheres of life. In the future this will not only affect urban areas, but rural areas as well. ‘But the bicycles used for sharing were never intended for this’, states Philip Douglas of CIP Mobility. Cycling is no longer just leisure and sports, but space and resource-saving and hence a sustainable part of the mobility chain. As a result, there might be even the need for a new mobility industry that combines the advantages of the bicycle and car industries in production.


As a retailer you need to evaluate, what the consumer actually wants – whether it´s the product or the sales channel. The online presence will even more become the retailer´s shop window. With service (e.g. digital availability of wares, online consulting service) retailers have the chance to set themselves apart from other industries´ competitors. Therefore there´s a need for a long-lasting strategy, to respond quickly to current trends. “The wishes of the customers change. That´s why it´s crucial to be aware of it.”, Anne Guethoff of n’fuse solutions recommends.


Green mobility – yes, green production – no: “The bicycle industry is not as sustainable as you might think”, criticizes journalist Kathrin Hartmann. By that she refers to the systematic greenwashing of companies, who only try to improve their image. On the one side almost every part of environmental pollution is caused by the supply chain, on the other side it´s important to always have your own company´s ethic in mind, as Alex Weller from the outdoor brand Patagonia explains. In Germany e-bike manufacturer Riese & Müller is aimed to a sustainable production and therefore puts the longevity and valence into focus.


Bicycle visionaries argue for more openness in the industry

Cycling has become the preferred form of mobility for a large part of the population, even more so
during the pandemic. But what about the innovative strength of the bicycle industry? At the START-UP & INNOVATION DAY, founders met young and long-standing entrepreneurs and experts from the bicycle industry and beyond in order to discuss an answer to this question.

Even if the wheel is not necessarily being reinvented, there are currently many “velorutions” going on – some in the hardware sector, but a lot more in digital services. Areas such as bicycle leasing or insurance, workshop services or fleet management are booming, new paths are being taken in the design and production of bikes and diverse target groups are discovered.

Start-ups are often confronted with the questions of how to finance their projects, how openly they present their ideas and whether they should rely on collaborations. The open discussion on this digital conference day shows the repeatedly expressed request for a higher-level and permanent platform for more exchange between the companies. This year's START-UP & INNOVATION DAY made a start – at the right time, because the bike is the winner during the crisis. If not now, when is the opportunity to found a bike start-up?




TRAVELTALK - Recap Day 3

The TRAVEL TALK was the culmination of this year’s premiere of Digital Days. The 19th EUROBIKE cycling congress, but the first digital edition! Digitization was also the keyword for many presentations - not only as a link between the international audience to participate in the presentations, talks and pitches, but also between urban and rural regions, which are slowly getting closer in times of Covid 19.

The pandemic hit destinations and organizers across Europe to a similar extent with a loss of around half of the visitors. Yet many people went on vacation, but visited their home region or country after their trip abroad was canceled. With the data and figures from many tourist destinations in mind, ideas and exciting new bike travel projects were presented in the pitch round. Jill Warren from the European Cyclists‘ Federation prevailed over her seven opponents with her presentation of the #RestartCycleTourism campaign, which calls for more investment in cycle tourism.

Cooperation instead of competition and better networking between the stakeholders was the central topic in the parallel workshops on the topics of cargo bikes, mountain bikes and open data, in which these specific topics could be discussed in more detail between the panel and the audience.

Are there conferences without coffee breaks to exchange ideas and network? Well, this is also possible in the digital space!