WD-40 Flexible


Award WINNER 2019
Category Bike Accessories
Company WD-40 Company Ltd.

WD-40 Flexible is the first product of its kind. It contains the same great formula, but with an ingenious innovation. A hard-wearing, heat-resistant, bendable straw that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Unlike its Smart Straw predecessor it keeps its shape, so it is ideal for precision work in a wide variety of sectors. Flexible also has a taller, thinner 400ml can which cleverly reduces overuse and waste, as well as allowing for a longer straw. The Spray 2 Ways technology and the 360° valve allow the product to be applied in almost any position. The Flexible Straw allows you to Reach The Unreachable!

Award Criteria

  • Degree of innovation
  • Choice of Material
  • Added value

Jury Statement

An ingenious addition to the workshop. Where space is at a premium, there’s not even room for a spray can. The new hose with a nozzle is flexible yet still stiff enough direct its spray accurately to where WD40 is needed