Bike Box

Bike Box for Bicycle Travel

Category Start-Up

The ultimate foldable Travel BikeBox • Fits all bike sizes (MTB, road bike, Gravel, etc) • Weighs a mere 6kgs • 2 sizes: Fully opened the box measures 140 x 80 x 30cm (or 120x78x25cm). Folds into itself and uses 80% less storage space than a hardcover box measuring a mere 83 x 77 x 7cm (76 x 67 x 7cm). Can be stored in small spaces. • The product is made from strong and waterproof polypropylene and can be used for multiple journeys. • Includes protective inners to cover important components such as cassette, crank, derailleur, disc brakes and front shocks. • Includes a foldable “Box-in-the-Box” for storage of bike accessories. • Attachable wheels for easy moving around the airport.

Award Criteria

  • Degree of innovation
  • Choice of Material
  • Weight / pack size

Jury Statement

This economical solution to transporting bikes provides greater protection than many alternatives at three to four times the price. The system is suitable for mountain and road bikes and can be modified to protect fragile components. It’s also very easy to store.