AirWinder Self-Inflating Bicycle Tire

Self-Inflating bicycle tire

Award GOLD WINNER 2019
Category Bike Components
Company AirWinder Suisse Sàrl

AirWinder, Inc. has developed the first self-inflating, pneumatic bicycle tires. AirWinder solves the problem of air pressure loss by incorporating a peristaltic pumping system into the tire. The system uses some of the mechanical energy from riding to push air into the tire. The pumping mechanism is co-manufactured into the tread to create a single piece tire that is compatible with existing rims. A user-adjustable control system is incorporated into the inner tube. Together, the system both inflates and regulates the pressure in the tires. Not only does the system eliminate the need to refill your tires, it is the only system which continuously regulates the pressure in the tire.

Award Criteria

  • Degree of innovation
  • Choice of Material
  • Added value

Jury Statement

There are too many bikes on the road with excessively low air pressure. This product increases safety and saves riders even having to think about checking their tyres.