FOX Live Valve


Award GOLD WINNER 2019
Category Bike Components
Company FOX

FOX's electronically controlled Live Valve takes the guesswork away from suspension. The controller automatically switches the fork and shock independently as the terrain changes. It uses ultra-fast reacting sensors and the fastest valve ever created by FOX. The system is complex, but what you get is simple. It’s doing the work for you. 3 different sensors measure the terrain 1000 times per second and the reaction time of the system is 3 milliseconds (way faster then any human can react). In these 3 milliseconds the suspension is changing from an extremely efficient to a super plush character, without the need to take away the focus from the trail. Battery life is minimum 20 hours of riding

Award Criteria

  • Degree of innovation
  • Functionality
  • Weight / pack size

Jury Statement

A smart system that reads the terrain and makes very fast setting changes in suspension. It has been proven at the highest level. We particularly liked the added safety this brings and the fact that the rider can concentrate more on the trail – and of course have more fun.