My Esel E-Tour Diamant

My Esel E-Bike

Award WINNER 2019
Category (E-)Urban Bikes & (E-)Fitness Bikes
Company My Esel

Our E-Bike (19 kg) shows a new way for mass customization within the serial production of e-bikes. Beside the reduced design and special appearance, the My Esel wood frames offer following benefits: e. Through an automated cnc production and our biometric software tailormade frames can be offered within a serial production prozess. f. The hollow space within the frame enables the invisible integration of an e-bike system g. Our frames are waterproof, durable and stiff an. At the same time they absorbs vibrations much better then other materials and offers a very smooth ride. h. We use a renewable material. With our fokus on local and fair production we provide a truly sustainable product.

Award Criteria

  • Design
  • Choice of Material
  • Workmanship
  • Added value

Jury Statement

This lightweight e-bike uses biometric software to produce a frame tailored precisely to its rider’s dimensions. We found this to be a particularly good application of wood as a sustainable material in bike production.