Fibre Flare

Multi-directional bike light

Award WINNER 2009
Category Electronic Components / Components
Company A.L.L Innovations

The Fibre Flare Tail Light produces a high intensity omni-directional light output visible at distances over 300m. Light is emitted via a flexible side-emitting fibre-optic core interposed between two high intensity LED's; each LED housed within opposing electronic ends combined as a single circuit. Features *Omni-Directional Visibility over 300m (using two LED's) *Pulsing or Constant modes *75hs+ burn time (pulsing) using 2 x AAA *Integral utility clips fastens to jerseys, jeans, bags etc *Silicone ladder slings (slide onto utility clips) fasten to bike frames 15 to 60mm OD *Single shot ABS inner housings *Weatherproof silicone outer skins