EUROBIKE is the central platform for the bike and future mobility world. In response to the international challenges of climate change, digitalisation, urbanisation and demographic change, EUROBIKE is shaping the transformation of the bike from a leisure and sport device into a central foundation of sustainable future mobility.

Together with visionaries from the fields of politics, finance, society and the mobility industry, it creates a space to exchange ideas, explore new perspectives and forge strong partnerships for innovative mobility solutions and new business models. And it places the bike at the centre of all its activities. As a unique, international innovation platform, EUROBIKE is driving change forward and is the hub at the centre of all market developments. The booming and fast-growing bike- and future mobility industries view EUROBIKE as their shared platform. It sets new standards and identifies key topics in the areas Sport, Leisure, Health and Mobility, is constantly evolving, and brings the international community together live and face to face.

Cycling is our mission – This is not only the claim of the event but also the reality embraced by it. Such a sentiment is apparent in the many products, the comprehensive supporting programme and the way in which such a wide range of stakeholders are being integrated into the event planning.

Three “Business Days” and two “Festival Days” open up every opportunity for achieving the widest array of business objectives. 

EUROBIKE has grown both nationally and internationally in Frankfurt – because its accessibility in terms of transport and technology in combination with new themes is creating the basis for growth in every facet.

We invite you to be there too when EUROBIKE takes things to the next level. Proudly present your company, your products and the bold spirit of your venture at EUROBIKE, the world’s leading trade show in this segment.